The Gospel of Eliminating MONEY, As Told by The Prophets, who are slandered/crucified by devils!
SATAN, Startling evidence proves that America is The Great Satan -- More MONEY Quotes by the Prophets
Hard-Core Communist Truth, I saw God and was Born Again (entered womb) through Love, self-hypnosis
Abolish MONEY, Law & $tate, Logistics of Eliminating Money & etc. -- very few people actually produce anything
666-Devil-Dollar: Webpage about marking '666' on MONEY. It pains me that the author is naive/ignorant of the truth.
Karl Marx, On the Jewish Question: The Capacity of Present-Day Jews and Christians to Obtain Freedom
Karl Marx, The Power of Money. Quotes Shakespeare (Timon of Athens) and Goethe (Faust)
You Can't Live Without MONEY — Jim Morrison (The Doors -- of Perception = LSD -- Aldus Huxley)
How Money Causes the Seven Deadly Sins, By d'Friedemann, c1987
d'Friedemann's Artwork:    Gospel of Eliminating Money,    Capitali$m,    Holohoax,    Scrap Paper/Etc.
Wikipedia Censor's 666isMONEY: Number of the Beast
Aristotle & Hitler on Interest / Usury: They both despised it!
Ayn Rand Rants, Raquel Responds: Rand's Money Sermon. Someone emailed it, I thought the sender wrote it.
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen'! Advertisements Censored by Bigots @ University Arizona Daily Wildcat.
CIA Killed JFK: Latest info on Coup d'Etat in Dallas 11/22/63. R.I.P. E. Howard Hunt
Hypnoprogrammed Assassin: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy ~ Sirhan Sirhan: "Manchurian Candidate"
Censored Ads: Messiah(s) Wanted; Virgins & Etc., by Raquel Baranow   
LSD: God's Gift to Humanity. LSD (sacrament/forbidden fruit) will Set You Free, Make Blind See . . .
Chemical Salvation? (through LSD): This booklet is a spoof of the Christian "Chick" Publications/Comic Books
Breech Birth & Personality, Genius, Schizophrenia & the Highly Hypnotizable Person, by Bruce A. Friedemann
Become Perfect: The God of the Jews vs Logos-Logic -- "Saint" Paul is Antichrist/Illogical-ilLogos
Adolf Hitler, On the Thralldom (Slavery) of Interest and the National Socialist Party Program
Hitler & The Big Lie: Not about the Holocaust but ironic. Truth about Holocaust here!
World War III: The Dollar, Jews (NeoCons) & Stupid Goyim vs. The Euro, Irrational Islam & $laves
Hitler Calls Roosevelt a Plutocrat: Declaration of War, Reichstag Speech 11 Dec 1941. Very appropriate for today!
Rare Earth: Why Complex Life if Uncommon in the Universe: No aliens in flying saucers
13 Month Lunar Calendar: When Babylon falls and MONEY is superfluous we begin a new era at year zero.
Sex Without Love:  Agape, Eros & Philia + Links to Vampires Suck Semen / (Transsexual Page)
Female Circumcision:  Must me 18+ to Enter this Educational Webpage
Wikipedia Censors Raquel: Orwellian Thought Control (April 2009)
Lies About Pol Pot (He believed in eliminating money.)
Liddell & Scott's Greek-English Lexicon
Definition of Karagma
"No one buys or sells without the MONEY (χάραγμα, karagma or charagma) of the beast"
Mammon (ממון) is an Aramaic/Hebrew word for MONEY
It's NOT illegal to mark "666" on money, Title 18 Section 333 of the U.S. Code states that you must have the intention of making the money unfit
to reissue. The money is NOT unfit to reissue and that was not your intent, a jury must find you NOT guilty! I was arrested for it and thrown into the
federal jail by the Secret Service when I used marked money to post bond for a false arrest. The judge dismissed the charge but confiscated about
$333 in marked money.
Jesus-Christ (if he existed) was/is the Logos
(See John 1:1 and the etymology, below)
Logos/Logic will save you and the world
An anti-Christ is illogical (Illogos). "Saint" Paul is anti-christ because many of the things he says are illogical. Jesus, the revolutionary, iconoclast,
logos was the Truth, The Way to live-life. Logos/logic will save us. The Truth (about eliminating money) will never die but will be slandered and
crucified. Those who believe in eliminating money are slandered by devils.
Was Jesus a Eunuch?
The Devil (diabolos) is a Slanderer, False Accuser, Liar
For Sale by 666isMONEY, Lc
(I don't think any of my readers have ever called about any of my lots)
LAND / LOTS FOR SALE by Owner: 666isMONEY, Lc

Everything (including me in Darfur, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Caracas, Dar es Salaam, Karachi, Khlong Toey, Phnom Pen, Baghdad, Palestine, Soweto, Haiti, Kinshasa,
Khartoum &
Hell) is for $ale* Here, Here & Here
*   Since gold does not disclose what has been transformed into it, everything, commodity or not, is convertible into gold. Everything becomes saleable and buyable.
Circulation becomes the great social retort into which everything is thrown, to come out again as crystallized gold. Not even are the bones of Saints, and still less are more
res sactosancte extra commercium hominum [Sacrosanct things, beyond everyday affairs] able to withstand this alchemy. Just as every qualitative difference
between commodities is extinguished in money, so money, on its side, like the radical leveller that it is, does away with all distinctions.
— Karl Marx, Capital, 1867.
Source: Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics.  Hastings, James, ed.: New York, Scribners, 1908-1921. 12 vols..
See also
the etymology of "Mammon" (ממון).
BABYLON IS FALLING: Signs of the times (Geometric World Population Explosion)
Statistics of MONEY -- faith in paper
WARNING: Global Warming, An Inconvenient Truth but
PeakOil will get us first -- or DIE
9/11 Fraud: Explosive Evidence
Extinction 2030
No one buys or sells without the MONEY of the Beast
on/in mind/hand.
-- Apocalypse
You can't serve God & MONEY: you'll either love the one and hate the other . . .
but the Pharisees, who loved money heard all this and scoffed.
-- LUKE 16
Spread the Word: 666isMONEY
9-11 was another Pearl Harbor / Set-Up to get U$A into war for Oil, Opium & Israel
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