The Redington Road pavement is about 60-feet wide but the actual right-of-way is 150 feet.
The "T" of the curve data for curve #30 adds 33.74-feet to 182.23 giving this parcel a little more than 1.75-acres.
Before the developers of the La Cebidilla Subdivision gave the County 83-feet for Redington Road, this lot was 3.86-acres.
The culvert on the section line

Zoned SR (requires 3.3 acres)
More info from Pima County about this lot (Parcel # 205-46-001A)
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1.75 AC
2345 N. El Camino Rinconado

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Flood map but still plenty of room to build. Note wash running through culvert under El Camino Rinconado on th NE corner of this lot.
Could maybe get the owner of the adjacent acres to sell a 50-foot strip of land? The strip consists of a deep wash (culvert under the street), electric
wires along the section-line, another large wash and a  portion of the Redington Road easement that has not been dedicated to the County yet. Being
forced to buy this 50-strip,
which could not be built on or fenced, would be mean, unnecessary and violate the intent of zoning laws.
The County is suggesting that I ask them to abandon some of the designated "Scenic Route" right-of-way leaving them 80-feet. Abandoning the ROW
won't change any of the
Scenic Route designation setbacks. Using this map's measurements: 1124.91' - 30' (for Camino Rinconado) = 1094.91';
343.92' - 33' (approximate distance to edge of 60-foot ROW) - 20 (to give Redington Rd an
80-foot "Collector" ROW) would make my lot 3.65 AC
The curve data for #20 at the centerline of Redington Road: Delta 16-degrees 58' 21", R 1432.39, L 424.31, T 213.72, C 422.76, see also map below.
Link to La Cebadilla Subdivision map (above), it's TIF 003.