9/11 Fraud: Explosive Evidence
9/11 Hoax -- The Pentagon
A 757 Passenger Jet did This?!
9-11 was another Pearl Harbor (set-up), Tonkin Gulf, Havana Harbor, USS Liberty, false-flag
to get U$A into a war for oil & Israel!

My website has info related to
Operation Northwoods/9-11 -- a plan by the Pentagon (in 1962) to
destroy an unmanned drone masquerading as a commercial aircraft supposedly full of "college
students off on a holiday" and blame it on Cuba.

Wikipedia article on Operation Northwoods.

President Kennedy removed
General Lyman Lemnitzer (one of the ppl responsible for Operation
Northwoods) as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In January, 1963 (after the coup d'etat in Dallas that killed Kennedy), Lemnitzer became Supreme
Allied Commander of NATO.

In 1975, Lemnitzer (as well as Ronald Reagan) served on
Vice President Rockefeller's whitewash
of the Kennedy
Assassination, which I mention in my JFK webpage.
The Pentagon Shortly after a 757 Allegedly Crashed into it
Where's the Airplane?!
Source for these two pics. That's NOT the way jet fuel burns! The wings of passenger planes
are filled with fuel!

I recall reading that this part of the Pentagon was "under construction," i.e., the Pentagon
planted evidence of 757 crash, like a jet engine and a tiny amount of debris to fool reporters.
Note construction trailers at site.

This 9-11 Hoax is such a fraud! Why doesn't ANYONE say anything about the Hoax/Fraud on
the evening news?!!!!

These photos are all over the internet from credible sources, they are NOT Photoshopped!

Wake up Sheeple!
Where did the 757 vanish to? Obviously, a missle slammed into the Pentagon.
Looks like this Dumpster fire is creating a smokescreen!
Source for above, left photo.

    In view of the primitive simplicity of their minds the broad masses of people ["sheeple"]
    more readily fall victim to a big lie than to a little one.

    The sheeple may lie in little things but would be too ashamed of big, atrocious lies.
    Enormous lies would never enter into their minds. Sheeple can't comprehend the
    possibility of monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others.

    Even when confronted with facts, sheeple continue to doubt and waver -- accepting some
    part of the lie as true.

ADOLPH HITLER, Mein Kamph, V.1, Ch. 10
Commentary by Raquel Baranow of 666isMONEY
Either radio-controled planes crashed into the Twin Towers or it was allowed to happen (like
Pearl Harbor) to get U$A into a war. If there were actually people on the Twin Towers planes,
they were sacrificed.

The Neo-cons wrote a plan to get us involved in a war with Iraq, in which they said, "another
Pearl Harbor type incident was necessary to get U$A involved."

There was probably a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers as well as Building 7, which
housed the CIA and Gulliani's "Terrorist Control Center," which was NOT manned after the
Twin Towers disaster. I remember reading that the person who owned the Twin Towers got
more money than he paid for it from insurance companies.

The "John Galt" corporation, a crooked company with no experience, which probably has ties
to the CIA, was hired to clean up the Deutsche Bank, which was adjacent to the WTC.

John Galt is a character in Ayan Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged, a Libertarian favorite. Alan
Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve was obcessed with Rand.

Someone sent me Rand's "Money Rant" as an email. I didn't know Rand wrote it so I wrote
back responding, paragraph by paragraph,

There was never a follow-up to this story about the John Galt Corporation.

(Note: I made a comment on the
New York Times's Blog for this story.)

No doubt that whoever cleaned up the Pentagon mess was also a CIA front. There are pics of
Pentagon workmen carrying out tarped loads, concealing evidence of the drone, which
crashed into the Pentagon.

Recently, I attended a lecture by a Theology professor who wrote 30 books about God who is
convinced 9-11 was another Pearl Harbor. His name is David Ray Griffin.

I bought his book. He wrote that most of the "eyewitnesses" to the Pentagon were either
Federal Government employees or news-shills.

There were no seats recovered in the Pentagon or luggage. He cites a fire inspector.

Like I said, I'm new to this 9-11 thing but I know how governments lie and create "false flag"
operations. There's no doubt in my mind this was an inside job.

Dr Griffin mentioned faith in government (which he called idolatry) to faith in God & Truth. He
made a good point that the Government's theory about Muslims conspiring to hijack planes
was a government conspiracy. (Moslems conspired.)

There are allot of engineers and pilots who don't believe that the Twin Towers coulda
collapsed like that without a controlled demolition.

There were three engineers in the audience (I know one of them) who signed onto a website
debunking the Govt.’s conclusions about how the Twin Towers collapsed.

Here's the website:

On Feb 28th Dr. Griffin is going to the EU to give a talk about it. A Japanese politician gave a
speech to their parliament about 9-11.

The Truth may get out in Europe & Japan because they don't have the nationalistic
zealotry/blindness/blind faith Americans have in their Gov't.

I now think the weakest link is WTC Building 7, which had small fires and what experts in
controlled demolition of buildings said was a controlled demolition.

High-rise buildings don't collapse because of fires! No airplane crashed into Building 7.
Building 7 held the CIA and Guliani's terrorism headquarters.

If anyone would take the time to read any of Griffin's books, they would be convinced that
Bush engineered/allowed 9-11 to get U$A involved into war to steal oil and defend Israel.

There's a new movie coming out called "Zero," which I'm sure will convince ppl that Bush is

The real "conspiracy" is what Bush says happened.
Evidence of Thermite on Columns at
World Trade Center
This has gotta be the biggest smoking gun of evidence that the WTCs were brought down by a
controlled demolition.

I don't know the original source or date for this pic. (It would be nice to see the whole series of pics
this photographer took.)

It's all over the internet with a Google Image Search of "Evidence of Thermite on Columns at WTC".

Witnesses and references to
molten metal at the WTC.
^^^ Note the tiny debris pile with no chunks of concrete, broken glass, desks, curtains and the inches of toxic
dust that settled all over Manhattan. What happened to the two, 100-story buildings?
The above photo was taken September 23, 2001. Where's the two 100-story buildings, all the
broken glass, desks, curtains, doors, etc.?! All that's left is steel beams. The outlines and numbers
correspond to WTC buildings 1, 2 (the Twin Towers) & 7. Click the pic to enlarge it.