Censored Ads
The "Messiah" ad was censored (Jan04) by the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat  
and (Feb04) by Tucson Newspapers, the advertising agent for Tucson's two daily
The Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen.
This ad was censored (Feb04) by the Univeristy of Arizona Daily Wildcat
WANTED: Messiahs ~ Virgins
Must know/learn: The Way = Abolish MONEY, Law & $tate (international
boundaries) •
“No one buys/sells without the MONEY (caragma) of the beast on/in
mind/hand” –
Apocalypse “You can’t serve God & Money: you’ll either love the one and
hate the other…but the
Pharisees (Jews), who love money scoff” – Jesus/LK 16 • CIA
killed JFK • Jesus (if he existed) was Logos/logic (JN 1:1) • “Saint” Paul is anti-Christ
because he’s illogical (ilLogos) and trite • “Christians” (Saint Paulians) and Jews
(moneylovers) are Pharisees • “Israel,” Communism and Heaven on Earth, etc. can only be
established by The Way, without bullets, barbed wire and bs •
Anti-Christ devils slander
(see etymology of “devil”) & crucify the Truth Holocaust “didn’t happen” – there’s no
forensic, practical way to exterminate millions with louse disinfestant and diesel exhaust or
cremate a corpse in 20 minutes, with 3.5kg of coke and smoke/flame belching from the
chimney, as alleged by malicious “witnesses”/tortured confessors •
The Bible is fiction,
myth, metaphor
• The God of the Jews (Torah) is not the same as (or has evolved/matured)
the God of the Gospels •
“The god of the Jews is Money…Christians have become Jews” –
Karl Marx “Born again” (enter the womb & experience God – the flash of light) through
spontaneous, self-hypnotic regression
+ Love • Our leaders are blind to the signs of the times:
population vs. resource$ • – LK 14:28
Virgins, Prostitutes, $lave$, Motherfuckers & Reality
Slaves, obey your Masters … submit to The Government & Authorities …
for they are God’s Agents
working for your good. — “Saint” Paul
Your personality changes – for the worse – when you lose your virginity. A friend
seduced another friend – a former nun, her
angelic personality changed from sweet/innocent
to rude/sarcastic/negative.
Why lose your virginity? For the male it’s an irresistible urge, an
object to
conquer, game to play. What does she have to gain unless she’s a whore? The
guy loses his innocents too: “A male
virgin can do no wrong.” Everything happens for a
The flesh is willing but the spirit (pneuma) is weak (not psyched). In your
mind/heart (
psyche) you know fornication is wrong but for foolish pride, lust or financial
gain, you get screwed. When a fetus becomes a “living soul” (is given the
“breath/pneuma of Life”), the only reason the mother needs a male is the money/$lave
system. (With cloning or banked semen, she could remain a virgin and clone herself or
soulmate. In the future only crude people will have sex.) With modern machinery,
money/$lavery becomes unnecessary. Most Americans work at unnecessary jobs: bankers,
accountants, cashiers, salesmen, designing cheap products without standardized parts. A
motherfucker fucks a mother, who doesn’t need more children, who will curse her. For a
dose of reality,
ride a bus to the airport from downtown Tucson. MT 19:12