Hard-Core Communist Truth
By A Messiah & Holy Spirit (c1987)
"Saint" Paul, the so-called apostle of Jesus-Christ, has been called an "apostate,
enemy, deceiver, Anti-Christ" and many other derogatory things by Jewish
Christians called Ebionites (literally, "the poor ones"), who lived in the first
centuries of the Christian era.

Paul the traveling evangelist and the early Church Fathers, spread their perverse version of
Christianity by suppressing others’ "heretical" opinions. In the "New Testament,"
Acts of the
Paul, the original Jerry Falwell or Jim Bakker, inspires the burning of valuable
books (Acts 19:19). And in the forth century, Christians burned the classical world’s largest
library at Alexendria Egypt.

It was there, at that library, Bible scholars speculate, that the original
Hebrew edition of
what came to be known as the
Apocalypse or Revelation of Saint John existed. The
original was written by a Jew shortly before the Jews revolted against the Roman Emperor
and coined their own money in 66 CE. Christians later added stuff about Jesus at the
beginning and end of the "Revelation."

It was there, at Alexandria, Egypt, that Philo, a contemporary of Jesus who apparently never
heard of Jesus, wrote this about Logos (or logic – it’s translated as "Word" in the
According to John
): "God brought fourth his first begotten son [the Logos]. … Born of the
virgin Wisdom [the Greek word for "wisdom" is
Sophia] … and through the Logos, God has
revealed himself to Man." Whoever wrote the first chapter of
John must have been a
student or apostle of Philo because their philosophy of Logos is similar.

On the way to Damascus, Paul the persecutor, saw a light and heard a voice, which he
thought was Jesus’. Sounds like a classic psychotic episode to me; if he told that to a
psychiatrist today, they’d put him in a nut house. Anyway, this light, we are told,
him! When I, the author of this samizdat, saw the light/God – when I was born again through
a prostitute – I began to see.

This is how I re-entered the womb and was born again: I was living in my VW van on a
vacant lot under a tall pine tree just outside of the Tucson city limits. Without a right to, I fell
(from pride, etc.) into love-at-first-sight with, who I thought was a "perfect" person. Just to be
friendly she came around two more times and I thought I’d never see her again. It was three
in the morning and pouring rain, I began feeling like an insecure 14 year old: She left me! I
regressed through unintentional self-hypnosis to eight years old, then there was darkness
and quiet – the womb. I cried, "oh, no!" and saw a flash of light: "God!" My eyes opened
(literally and figuratively) – it felt like coming down after a 25 year long LSD trip.
I saw God
and lived.
A few days later I realized or accepted the fact that she was an off-duty prostitute.

Paul, the psychotic, claims that the voice he heard was Jesus’ but it was actually the devil.
The devil is a deceiver, the opposite of Logos/logic. Paul, the deceiver, preached the
sacrificial cult of Jesus-Christ like that in the "Old Testament" book
Leviticus (5), where a
perfect goat is sacrificed to atone for the people’s sins.

Pre-Christian pagan religions also had redeemer Gods: Osirus, Attis and Dionysis. (A Christ
is not God but a Messiah.) Also, Bible scholars doubt that Jesus exhorted his disciples to
"partake of my body and blood" in that ghoulish Last Supper "in remembrance of me." The
scholars believe that followers of Paul’s cannibalistic cult added that morbid ritual to the
Gospels after adopting it from other religions. Whoever wrote the Gospels looked through
the "Old Testament" for prophesies for the Messiah to fulfill, added parables and faith
allegories current among rabbis of the time and concocted a narrative similar to novels,
legends and myths about other saviors and Gods.

One version of Paul’s psychotic episode says that his traveling companions heard the voice
too (Acts 9:7). The other version says they
did not hear the voice but they did see the light
(Acts 22:90 however, it wasn’t the
real light you see when you’re born again or "die" (as in a
coma-concussion) and come back to life.

When you "die," your soul/mind will leave your body and surge off into the galaxy. Then you’
ll come back to earth and hover above your body deciding what’s going on. You will
ask/think "what condition is the body in" and if it’s in bad shape and not possible or
desirable to re-enter, or if you decide that you finished your mission on earth and are
satisfied with your life, or you liked the trip off into the heavens better than anything you
could ever anticipate on earth, you will not re-enter your body. This is not crazy New Age
mysticism. I experienced it and many surgeons and emergency room doctors have heard
similar stories. (See,
Life At Death, Kenneth Ring, 1980.)

Caesar’s (i.e., the Church & $tate’s) friend, Paul the hucksterer, exhorts his cannibalistic
followers: "Slaves, give entire obedience to your earthly masters. "Be submissive to the
governments and authorities … for they are God’s agents working for your good." (Col. 3:
22, Titus 3:1, Ro 13:1) That is, accept your lot for you can’t do anything to change Satan’s
$ystem. Therefore, Caesar’s friends wait for Jesus to come out of the clouds and make
things right. (1 Thess 4:17)

Jesus the Christ was a revolutionary. He didn’t preach fear/guilt but peace and love. He
didn’t tell you to think about your soul, whether you’ll go to heaven or hell. He taught mostly
about money and The Way to Live-Life. He sought, like Moses and Karl Marx "to set at
liberty those that are oppressed" and establish a kingdom of godliness "on earth as it is in
heaven." The Gnostic Ebionites believed that
we must become christs ourselves! (The
Gospel of Phillip,
61:30 and 67:25 in The Nag Hammadi Library, James M. Robinson, ed.,
1971.) Religion, knowledge and the fine arts shouldn’t be opiates to kill the pain of life-living
but stimulants to extirpate the cause of the pain, which is $atan’s $ystem.

The Nicaraguan Marxist, Sandinista, communists, printed and circulated the Words of Christ
as revolutionary documents; then they taught the mostly illiterate people to read. And when
Catholic services were finally preached in Spanish rather than Latin and the priests taught
"liberation theology,"
the masses rose up against the filthy rich in revolt.

Jesus asked: "Whose picture is on the money? [Caesar’s.] Therefore give it [all] back to
him." ("Render unto Caesar.") The Logos upset the tables of the moneychangers and said:
"You can not serve God and Money, you’ll either love the one and hate the other." There’s
no indifference or "middle road" when it comes to God and Money.

The King James version of Luke 16 doesn’t translate the truth about God and Money.
"Mammon" is an Aramaic word for money. The Greek word mistranslated as "covetousness"
means, literally, "fond of silver," i.e., money. Verse nine of Luke 16 says something about
Mammon "failing" but this is better translated as "money becoming a thing of the past," or as
Karl Marx would say, "when money withers away." Ezekiel (7:19) prophesied about money,
which he called, "the stumblingblock of iniquity," being cast into the streets as dung. Isaiah
(55) prophesied this about the restoration of Zion: Food will be free – you won’t have to pay
for it! Some people claim that the parable of the dishonest investor (Luke 16) makes Jesus
a capitalist. If this is true, then the allegory of the water into wine at the drunken wedding
feast (John 2) makes Jesus a wino. Of course, Jesus, if he even existed did not turn water
into wine or walk on water. These magic tricks never happened. The Gospels are fables,
myth, metaphor.

Like Buddha, the Essenes (a sect of Jews, which flourished during the time of Jesus and
never mentioned him in their writings) and Saint Francis of Assisi, Jesus admonished his
disciples to not carry any money (Luke 10:19). The one who betrayed Jesus for thirty
pieces of silver carried the money bag (John 12:6).

Don’t worry about what happens after death. I and many other people have "died" before
and I can tell you that what I experienced was pure bliss, heaven. It was the second best
experience of my life – the first was falling (from pride, etc.) into love with the "perfect"
person for me. That was salvation (salvation means, "to be made whole"): she was my
"missing rib," the one-half that made me whole/saved and forgave or accepted me. (The
Pope probably doesn’t know any of The Truth.) I live with the hope of true love happening

I live with the hope of Babylon falling and money, state boundaries and laws being
eliminated. (Ancient Babylon was a city of commerce and confusion.) Money, the
stumblingblock, corrupts and poisons weak minds. The law will me in our own conscience
as Jeremiah (31:31) and communists prophesy.

I’m not a cynic or pessimist about so-called human nature. (The word "cynic" derives from a
Greek word for
dog.) Violence and crimes happen because of the frustrations and anxieties
of $ociety. Everything happens for a reason and purpose. If you can kill, that’s your karma
or consciousness and if you die, it’s your time to. The purpose of (my) life is to create a
better environment for our children to inherit and with faith and reason (Logos) by God, we
accomplish it. (Today many people have a hard time not cursing their parents for bringing
them into this world with ego-games with money and laws.)

Besides Jesus and Karl Marx, Plato, Saint Thomas More, Bertrand Russell, Tolstoy and
many others, more or less, believed in eliminating money too. I’ll write about the practicality
of eliminating money some other time. (See,
ABOLISH Money, Law & $tate.)