What is the evidence that 6,000,000 Jews were killed in the Nazi gas chambers? Were the Nazis really that bad -- no different than the fanatic, fascist,
irrational, vicious, money-grubbing, "Christian" Republicans and Jewish Neo-con Zionist Globalists controlling the world today)

Was National Socialism a bad thing for the German workers? Who really started WW2? The War was fought over Poland's refusal to allow Hitler a corridor
to East Prussia and for a plebiscite for the city of Danzig to unify with the Reich.
Who benefited from WW2? The plutocrats, Stalin (who threw down the Iron
Curtain over East Europe -- England and U$A did not care about Polish Sovereignty! -- and caused a Cold War), Israel.
What was the REAL cause for
entering Afghanistan
(to open the opium fields to stupefy the masses and enrich the banksters) and Iraq (oil and to destroy Israel's biggest enemy, Saddam
? At the end of WWII the plutocrats divided up the oil concessions in the Middle East!

I, Raquel Baranow am a Grad Student of Holocaust Denial. There are persons with PhD's in various fields who also deny the 6 million canard. The best evidence is
forensic. Until recently, there was never a forensic examination of the alleged murder weapon (gas chambers). Demographic figures are incomplete. After the fall of
East Europe to communism, many of the millions of Jews who fled Poland into the Soviet Union or ended up behind the Iron Curtain changed their names to
assimilate, many civilians died in the war, many died in the concentration camps of louse-born typhus. During World War One, two million civilians in the Soviet Union
died of typhus. Many died in Stalin's gulags.

Yad Vashem, a Holocaust Documentation Center in Israel has a database of  3,000,000 alleged victims of  Nazi extermination. But as you can see
HERE (my maiden name, Friedemann), nearly every name is listed at least twice, some as many as five times!

It is forensically impractical or impossible to exterminate millions with louse disinfestant (hydrogen cyanide gas) or diesel exhaust as alleged by malicious "witnesses"
or tortured confessors. There are no written orders for extermination. Aerial reconnaissance photographs of the concentration camps show no smoke and flames
belching from the crematoria and pyres as alleged. The photos and records show there was not enough coke or crematoria to cremate millions of corpses. The
"witnesses" and confessors lied about how many minutes it takes to cremate a corpse. Diesel exhaust does not contain significant amount of carbon monoxide to kill
a human. If the Nazis wanted to kill millions they could have driven the coal fired train into a tunnel or quonset hut and gassed 'em with the exhaust from the locomotive
or used the exhaust from the crematoria. At Auschwitz, during a typhus epidemic, up to 300 people died per day, hence the crematoria, shaving of heads and
requisitions for tons of Zyklon B louse disinfestant. HCN is a very dangerous, impractical, messy method for extermination.

Hitler sought to remove from German living-space the Jews who did not want to assimilate much like Thomas Jefferson and many politicians today want to remove
Negro's and Mexicans from America. Hitler did not plan to rule the world (England already did and it was a burden). He sought living-space in the east (Poland) and to
conquer Bolshevism.
U$ Secretary of War, Henry Stimson wrote in his diary, "we must maneuver Japan (by embargoing oil) into firing the first shot."

The Gas Chambers are a fraud, a tourist attraction, slander, demonizing, impractical/impossible, malicious atrocity propaganda spread by the communists, who
hated Hitler and perpetrated by Jews, who were always looking for ways to get to the lands of milk and money.
The Jews have extorted billions from the US Treasury,
Germany, Swiss banks and insurance companies on account of the Holohoax fraud. The Holohoax also makes those who fought Hitler feel like they did something
good fighting the demon, Hitler instead of letting Hitler take on Stalin alone.

A "liberal" person has an open mind. A
bigot is irrational and obstinate.
Hitler did not seek to rule the world, England already did ("the sun never sets on the British Empire"). Hitler sought to reestablish
the German Reich, to conquer Bolshevism and colonize the east for "living-space" (
See also: "Hitler's Secret Map" President Franklin D. Roosevelt lied to dupe stupid young
boys to fight plutocrat's wars!
Text of advertisements submitted to the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat. On March 9, 1992, the Wildcat published the first "Didn't
Happen" ad (#1, below) and received many complaints. Subsequent ads were rejected (censored) every semester by each successive
WildRat editor.* See some of the Censored Ads here.
WANTED: Messiah(s)
Must know/learn: (1) The Way = Abolish MONEY, Law & $tate (international boundaries) (2)
"No one buys/sells without the MONEY of the beast on/in mind/hand" (3) "You can't serve God &
Money: you'll either love the one and hate the other" (4) CIA killed JFK (5) Jesus (if he existed)
was Logos/logic (6) "Saint" Paul is anti-Christ (ilLogos) because he is illogical and trite (7)
"Christians" (Saint Paulians) and Jews are Pharisees (8) "Israel," Communism and Heaven on
Earth, etc. can only be established by The Way, without bullets, barbed wire and bs (Anti-Christ
devils slander (see etymology of "devil") and crucify the Truth (9) Holocaust "didn't happen" --
there's no forensic, practical way to exterminate millions with louse disinfestant and diesel exhaust
or cremate a corpse in 20 minutes with 3.5kg oc coke as alleged by malicious "witnesses" or
tortured confessors (10) The Bible is fiction, myth, metaphor (11) The God of the Jews (Torah) is
not the same as (or has evolved/matured) in the Gospels (12) You can be "born again" (entering
the womb) and see God (the flash of light) through spontaneous self-hypnotic regression and
Love (13) Our leaders are blind to the signs of the times:
population vs resource$ -- LK 14:28
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #6
World-renowned Historian David Irving raised several forensic and logistical issues impeaching the credibility
of Holocaust mythologists/atrocity propagandists in an hour-long science program on PBS-TV. ("NOVA" #2711,
Holocaust on Trial, October 31, 2000. Transcript available at

Lie #1:
Mythologists, citing a Nazi document allege that 97,000 people were processed (i.e., "gassed") in three trucks
during the course of five weeks. Irving understates "that is a very substantial accomplishment if you work it out with a
pocket calculator" (= 38.4 people/hr./truck, 24/7). The NOVA producers edited out: "twenty people were processed
[deloused/transferred?] per time [not 38.4/hr.] and they drove twenty kilometers [12.4mi.] into the countryside" (
About Hitler,
Richard J. Evans, 2002, p.216).

Lie #2: Mythologists allege that 120,000 people/month could be cremated at Auschwitz. Again, Irving invites you to do the
math: Assume that each cadaver weighs 125 pounds; crematoria can dispose of 150 lbs/hr., therefor, you would need 139
ovens working 24/7 to cremate 120,000 people/mo. There were only 46 ovens at Auschwitz and the crematoria could not
and did not operate 24/7. ¶Irving points out: "it takes 30 kilograms of coke to incinerate one body -- it would take many
trainloads of coke to incinerate 120,000 corpses. "Aerial reconnaissance photos of Auschwitz do not show huge piles of
coke."  The same photos -- contrary to malicious, lying "witnesses" and tortured confessors -- show no evidence of smoke
and flame belching from malfunctioning crematoria chimneys or huge aerodynamically inefficient smouldering cremation
pits, where sizzling human fat was "scooped up in buckets." NOVA mythologists -- defying laws of thermodynamics --
declare only 3.5 kg of coke is necessary to cremate one corpse. (Lard, i.e., human fat = 8.4 kilo-calories/kg; coke has
3000 kcal/kg.)

Lie #3: Mythologists allege stupid, suicidal Nazis crudely dumped dangerous cyanide louse disinfestant (Zyklon B) through
holes in the roof of the gas chambers. (If the Nazis were going to use Zyklon, they would have opened the cyanide
canisters in a heated, easy to clean cabinet attached to a blower designed for a Zyklon clothing disinfestation chamber. At
Auschwitz, during typhus epidemics, 300 people died per day.) Irving points out there is no evidence of holes in the
concrete roof of the alleged gas chambers. No holes, no Holocaust.

For more information on the forensics of the Holocaust (practicality or possibility of using louse disinfestant and diesel
exhaust, which contains inert quantities of carbon monoxide), logistics (cremation capacity) and demographics
(approximately one million Jews were killed fighting the Nazis in the Soviet Union, in pogroms in Ukraine, Poland and the
Baltic States, died in Siberian labor camps or of typhus, or are statistically unaccounted for) go to
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #5
What evidence do Holocaust propagandists use to prove: Millions of people were exterminated with dangerous and
impractical hydrogen cyanide louse disinfestant (at Auschwitz thousands died of louse-borne typhus) and inert diesel
exhaust (.03% Carbon Monoxide); and were cremated in "huge smoldering pits with human fat scooped out in buckets" or
in "20 minutes" with "3.5kg coke" (defying laws of thermodynamics) in crematoria "belching smoke and flame"
(impractical/inefficient)? The mythologists rely on malicious witnesses (liars), tortured confessors, a few out of context,
mistranslated, hyperbolic speeches and forged documents. No forensic examination of the alleged murder weapon! See
for yourself, read
The Giant with Feet of Clay: Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the 'Holocaust,' Jürgen Graf, 2002;
download free at
http://vho.org/GB/Books/Giant/. If the Nazis wanted to exterminate millions they would have gassed them
in a tunnel with a coal-fired locomotive or with the chimney exhaust from the crematoria. The apartheid state erroneously
called "Israel" extorted billions from the stupid goium and was unrighteously created by the United Nations on account of
Holocaust lies. (See,
The Holocaust Industry, Norman Finkelstein.)
Exterminate 6,000,000 Win $666
Could it be that the gas chambers and "6,000,000" was atrocity propaganda and is used today to extort billions and benefit
the racist, apartheid $tate called "Israel"? To win $666, write an essay describing in detail how Adolf Hitler could
exterminate six-million in two years or explaining why it is impractical to exterminate people with louse disinfestant
(hydrogen cyanide, Zyklon-B®) or diesel exhaust. You must describe the process from start (roundup of victims) to finish
(disposal of the dead) and the project must remain secret so that British/American intelligence (MI-5/OSS), humanitarians
and the media is unaware and unable to infiltrate. You may not plagiarize the scientific, forensic essays on diesel exhaust
or Zyklon-B® from
www.vho.org or www.nazigassings.com. If you mention driving a coal-fired train into a tunnel or quonset
hut or routing the crematoria exhaust from the chimney into a gas chamber, you must state the toxic content of the fumes,
how long it would take for a lethal dose and for the gas to dissipate before safely removing the victims. If you suggest
cremation, you must provide statistics on capacity, duty cycle and kcal/corpse.
BONUS QUESTION: What "right" did the
UN have to give Palestine to the Jews?!
RECOMMENDED READING: (1) The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, A.R. Butz,
1976. (2)
Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry (demographics), Walter N. Sanning, 1983. (3) Founding Myths of Modern
Israel, Roger Garaudy, 2000. (4) Dissecting the Holocaust, Ernst Gauss (Ed.), 2000. (5) The Holocaust Industry, Norman
G. Finkelstein, 1999. Essays become property of 666isMONEY, LC., POB 666, Tucson AZ 85702.
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #1
Nazis didn't make soap from Jews' fat. -- Chicago Tribune, 4/25/91 (The original ad had a quote from a Tucson M.D.,
who did not believe the gas chambers propaganda about louse disinfestant and diesel exhaust.)

Did Nazis use hydrogen cyanide louse disinfestant and carbon monoxide from diesel exhaust to exterminate Jews? David
Irving, the world renowned historian says, "No!" Irving, in the forward to
The Leuchter Report: The First Forensic
Examination of Auschwitz (June 1989), wrote, "While significant quantities of cyanide compounds were found in the small
de-lousing facilities at Auschwitz . . . no significant trace whatsoever was found in the buildings labeled as the camp's
infamous gas chambers . . . moreover, the design and construction of those buildings are unfeasible for mass gassings. "
No one likes to be duped, still less when lots of money is involved: West Germany paid more than $38 billion to Israel for
'reparations' mostly on account of the gas chambers myth." (Although  
Leuchter's report was flawed, subsequent forensic
examinations confirm Leuchter's results.)

The Holocaust (gas chamber atrocities) didn't happen; Hitler did to the Jews (extirpating them from German living-space)
like what the U.S. did to the Japanese-Americans or the Israelis to the Palestinians (concentrated them in camps). Diesel
engines don't produce CO in sufficient quantity to cause asphyxiation and the German engineers certainly had better,
safer, cheaper methods of extermination than louse disinfestant (Zyklon B).
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #2
What about the photos of the "gassed" corpses?  The CIA published aerial reconnaissance photos of Auschwitz taken
prior to and after the bombing of the adjacent state of the art coal gasification and Buna rubber refinery --  at a time when,
according to holocaust mythologists, ten-20,000 Hungarian Jews burned daily in huge smoldering pits and crematoria
belching smoke and flame from chimneys. The photos contradict the alleged eyewitnesses' testimony (
Washington Post,
2/23/79). Crematoria don't emit smoke and flame and pit burning is not efficient for cremation. Hollywood film director
George Stevens produced a macabre, horrifying U.S. Army newsreel of the concentration camps in Germany alleging that
gas chambers with "dummy shower heads" spewed cyanide "smoke." (Alfred Hitchcock helped make an equally sinister
and deceitful film for England, shown for the first time on
PBS's "FRONTLINE," May 1985.) Today, no historian claims mass
gassings happened in Germany. (The alleged "death camps" were in Poland and the Communists did not release their
contemporaneous films of the liberation of the camps in Poland hence, no international investigation of the alleged
atrocities like the Nazis did at Katyan Forest). Many people in the camps died of typhus. Lice spread typhus, hence the
steam and Zyklon B gas chambers for fumigating clothes and the reason for cutting the womans' hair upon entering a
camp. At Auschwitz, with an inmate population of 60-80,000, up to 300 people per day died during a typhus epidemic,
hence the crematoria. (During World War One millions of people died of typhus in the Soviet Union.) The survivors are
righteously indignant and malicious toward the Nazis for uprooting them from their homes, confiscating their property and
concentrating them in lousy camps, therefore, they lie or exaggerate (so it will never happen again) and receive $ympathy
for Israel. See:
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, A.R. Butz, 1977. The devils slander and bear false witness!
NOTE: A new book on Stalin's Gulags confirms that hundreds of thousands of Jews fled into the Soviet Union and were
interred in Stalins Concentration camps.
During the war years 25% of the inmate population died! The book does not
mention anything about lice or typhus epidemics in the Gulags nor does the book mention, as Alexander Solzhenitysn did,
that Jews ran the camps. However, on page 341, "failure of the heart muscle" was the usual cause of death, which is also
the cause of death through typhus/lice. And on page 204, a former POW in Germany, "reckoned that Soviet camps had
fewer lice than German camps." The book mentions the Jewish "Doctor's Plot" to kill Stalin and Stalin's plan to deport
urban Jews to Central Asia, which is basically the same idea as Hitler's "Final Solution" i.e., to extirpate the Jews from the
Riech. See,
Gulag, A History, Anne Appelbaum, 2003.
Jews endeavor to impose upon gentiles 7 laws God,
according to Jewish mythology, revealed to Adam & Noah:
prohibiting idolatry, blasphemy (denying Holocaust dogma?),
murder (even of an embryo), sexual sins (homosexuality,
adultery etc.), theft, eating flesh from a living (sic) animal,
disobedience of Jewish authority (courts). A non-Jew who
violates any of these laws is to be decapitated; whereas a
Jew faces similar laws with little or no penalty! Amazingly,
Congress passed a Public Law praising these 7 laws and an
alleged Messiah in New York!

The task of abolishing the essence of Jewery is actually the
task of abolishing the Jewish character of civil society,
abolishing the inhumanity of the present-day practice of life,
the most extreme expression of which is the money system.
-- Karl Marx (1845)

Sources: Talmud (Sanh. 56); Ency. Judaica, sv., "Noachide
Laws" (Freemasons = "Noachites," qv. Webster's unabridged
Public Law 102-14 (3/20/91).
The Protocols bear the hall-mark of the secret agents of the dethroned Russian bureaucracy, and the book
which you have published
[The Cause of World Unrest] is a mere babbling of what the murderers of the
Ukraine, of Poland, and of Hungary are urging as justification for the
holocausts of the Jews in which they
have been engaged.
-- Letter dated, October 13, 1920 in, The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned
Elders of Zion
with preface and explanatory notes, translated from Russian by Victor E. Marsden, 1934. The
Jews considered the numerous, pre World War II pogroms in eastern Europe, "holocausts," with a small "H".
Jews were despised all over the world! Were our ancestors stupid? Jews, like the Gypsies were like the hippies only
worse. I was a dirty hippy vagabond but was willing to work. The Jews Hitler despised were the ones who did not cut their
hair, wore black kafkans and did not work. They walked around putting on a show like the Pharisees.
General George Patton's war diary comments on the Jews.
Jews & Freemasons: An Alliance to Control the World
Jews Deliberately Bomb USS Liberty, Kill 34, Wound 172, Blame Arabs (June 1967) UPDATES
Jew Watch: Everything a Messiah needs to know to rebuke the Pharisees
Marilyn Monroe & the Jews: The vile, disgusting "Casting Couch"!  + Marilyn becomes Jewish!
Jews Lie about Holocaust: Best revisionist website. (vho.org)
David Irving's Website: Historian questions logistics of Jewish Holohoax
Noam Chomsky on Lies about Cambodian Holocaust (Pol Pot)
General George S. Patton on the Jews & Conquering Bolshevism: Jewish Refugees Disgust Patton
Adolf Hitler on the Jews: His first Experience seeing them in Vienna, "Are they German?"
Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Party Program & "Secret Map" (President Roosevelt's War Propaganda)
Diesel Gas Chamber Fraud: Friedrich Paul Berg scientifically refutes the absurd "eyewitness" accounts.
Why Hitler wanted to Extirpate the Jews from German Living-Space: Wolves in Sheepskins
Economic Reasons for World War II: "All wars are caused for the sake of getting money."
Origins of World War Two: Jason Collett
Bobby Fischer (Chess Champ) on the Jews: "Deluded" Genius, R.I.P.
Jesus-Christ ("Anti-Semite") on the Jews: Was Jesus an anti-Semite?
CIA Killed JFK
The Eternal Jew: Nazi propaganda film . . . must see!
Stormfront.org Dislikes Transsexuals: Lol!
Hitler Calls Roosevelt a Plutocrat: Declares War on America, Speech before Reichstag
Who Brought the Slaves to America?: Jews (check this out, tell me if it's wrong)!
Holocaust Survivor Lies:
Absurd Claims Regarding the Alleged National Socialist Genocide
(False) Witnesses to the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz, Robert Faurisson
Holocaust Survivor Lies on Oprah, Writes Book,
Exposed on Good Morning America (video)
Genocide of Christians (Armenians) in Turkey
Nietzsche on The Jews
Holocaust Didn't Happen?! Millions not exterminated with louse disinfestant and diesel exhaust?!
What is the evidence?!
National Socialism vs. Globalist Plutocracy
Download (FOR FREE) the best, short book on the Holohoax here.
This book critically examines the footnotes of a book by one of the Holocaust "historians," Raul Hilberg.
The brainwashed sheeple are not consciously and purposely evil.

In view of the primitive simplicity of their minds they
more readily fall victim to a Big Lie than to a little one.

The sheeple may lie in little things but would be too ashamed of Big, atrocious Lies. Enormous Lies would never enter into their minds. Sheeple can't comprehend the
possibility of monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others.

Even when confronted with facts, sheeple continue to doubt and waver -- accepting some part of the LIE as true.

All the great lie-virtuosi and lying-clubs in the world know this.

The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the use of falsehood and slander have always been the Jews [plutocrat/moneylovers, Jews
Slandered Christ/Logos].

Their whole existence is based on one single Great Lie, to wit, that they are a religious, Holy community while actually they are a race/brotherhood.

One of the greatest minds of humanity [
Arthur Schopenhauer] nailed them forever as 'the great masters of Lie$ [mythology-moviemaking].' Anyone who fails to
recognize this [or has no Hope] will ever be able to help The Truth to victory.  [
Abolishing Money, Law & $tate.] . . .

Generally, readers of the Press can be classified into
three groups:

Those who believe
everything they read; those who no longer believe anything and

Those who [have the time to]
critically examine what they read [between the lines] and form their judgments accordingly.

Prostitution is a disgrace to humanity, but it cannot be eliminated by moral lectures, pious intentions, etc.; its limitation and final abolition presuppose the elimination of
innumerable preconditions. The first is and remains the creation of an opportunity for early marriage as compatible with human nature- particularly for the man, as the
woman in any case is only the passive part. [No, Adolph, we need to eliminate money!]

-- ADOLF HITLER,  Mein Kamph, V.1, Ch. 10. Freely translated by Raquel Baranow.
(Ten is a very long Chapter --  for Grad Students Only!) Or click
here for shorter version.
Adolf Hitler:
The Power of the "BIG LIE"/Propaganda
Hitler's Monetary
Real Cause of WWII

We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency
coverage of gold of which we had none, but for every mark
that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark's worth
of work done or goods produced. . . .

We laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that
the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities
lying in the vaults of a state bank.
--Adolf Hitler, 1937 (CC
Citadels of Chaos, Meador, 1949.)

In less than ten years Germany became easily the most
powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and
magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire
(Zionist) Jewish money system.

World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler's system, by
whatever means might prove necessary, or their own [system
of usury] would necessarily die. And if it died, with it must die
their dream and their hope of making themselves masters of
the world.

The primary issue over which World War II was fought was to
determine which money system was to survive. At bottom it
was not a war between Germany and the so-called allies.
Primarily it was war to the death between Germany and the
International Money Power.
--William Gayley Simpson,
Which Way Western Man (p.642)

For more detail about the Real Cause of WW II click
"The God of the Jews" from, The Poisonous
Julius Streicher, Translated from
the Third Reich Original,
Der Giftpilz. More
JFK & Adolf Hitler
Jack recorded (in his diary) that the Russian soldiers, on entering Berlin, had spent their first seventy-two-hour passes largely “raping and looting” and were
now stripping the land of everything of value, from factories to manpower.

“You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever
lived,” he noted in the final page of his diary. “He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a
mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.” . . .

He watched German girls selling themselves for a lipstick.

Source: The Kennedy Men, By Laurence Leamer, 2002, Page 228-9.
Click pic for
Tales of the Holohoax from 1988. Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle, are currently in jail in Britain for distributing Tales of the Holohoax which is a
scholarly comic book ridiculing the holocaust claims. The same liberal media which says cartoons about Mohammed are protected as examples of
freedom of expression is totally silent about freedom to criticise the holocaust tales, or even supports the imprisonment of two brave young men who
foolishly thought they had human rights also. When Sheppard and Whittle fled to the USA seeking political asylum in the USA (the freest country on the
planet??), they were arrested instead and after many months of imprisonment returned to Britain where they were put in prison once again. Obviously,
criticising Mohammed is quite different from criticising Holocaust stories.

Source: http://nazigassings.com/
Alice in Lampshade Land: Tales of the Holohoax
This video shows the logistics about cremating and gassing thousands per day but doesn't get into the forensics or
dangers of using louse disinfestant (Zyklon B, Hydrogen Cyanide). If the Nazis were going to use Zyklon, they would have
used the apparatus shown above for opening the can, heating it and blowing it into the chamber rather than dumping it
through a hole in the ceiling.