Hitler did not seek to rule the world, England already did ("the sun never sets on the
British Empire"). Hitler sought to reestablish the German Reich, to conquer
Bolshevism and colonize the east for "living-space" (
See also: "Hitler's Secret Map" President Franklin D. Roosevelt lied to dupe stupid young
boys to fight plutocrat's wars!
Text of advertisements submitted to the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat. On March
9, 1992, the
Wildcat published the first "Didn't Happen" ad (#1, below) and received
many complaints. Subsequent ads were rejected (censored) every semester by each
WildRat editor.* See some of the Censored Ads here.
WANTED: Messiah(s)
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #6
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #5
Exterminate 6,000,000 Win $666
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #1
Holocaust 'Didn't Happen' #2
Jews & Freemasons: An Alliance to Control the World
Jews Deliberately Bomb USS Liberty, Kill 34, Wound 172, Blame Arabs (June 1967) UPDATES
How Hitler Tackled Unemployment And Revived Germany’s Economy
Jew Watch: Everything a Messiah needs to know to rebuke the Pharisees
Marilyn Monroe & the Jews: The vile, disgusting "Casting Couch"!  + Marilyn becomes Jewish!
Jews Lie about Holocaust: Best revisionist website. (vho.org)
David Irving's Website: Historian questions logistics of Jewish Holohoax
Noam Chomsky on Lies about Cambodian Holocaust (Pol Pot)
General George S. Patton on the Jews & Conquering Bolshevism: Jewish Refugees Disgust Patton
Adolf Hitler on the Jews: His first Experience seeing them in Vienna, "Are they German?"
Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Party Program & "Secret Map" (President Roosevelt's War Propaganda)
Diesel Gas Chamber Fraud: Friedrich Paul Berg scientifically refutes the absurd "eyewitness" accounts.
Why Hitler wanted to Extirpate the Jews from German Living-Space: Wolves in Sheepskins
Economic Reasons for World War II: "All wars are caused for the sake of getting money."
Origins of World War Two: Jason Collett
Bobby Fischer (Chess Champ) on the Jews: "Deluded" Genius, R.I.P.
Jesus-Christ ("Anti-Semite") on the Jews: Was Jesus an anti-Semite?
CIA Killed JFK
The Eternal Jew: Nazi propaganda film . . . must see!
Hitler Calls Roosevelt a Plutocrat: Declares War on America, Speech before Reichstag
Who Brought the Slaves to America?: Jews (check this out, tell me if it's wrong)!
Holocaust Survivor Lies:
Absurd Claims Regarding the Alleged National Socialist Genocide
(False) Witnesses to the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz, Robert Faurisson
Holocaust Survivor Lies on Oprah, Writes Book,
Exposed on Good Morning America (video)
Genocide of Christians (Armenians) in Turkey
Nietzsche on The Jews
Holocaust Didn't Happen?!
Millions not exterminated with louse disinfestant and diesel exhaust?!
What is the evidence?!
National Socialism vs. Globalist Plutocracy
Download (FOR FREE) the best, short book on the Holohoax
This book critically examines the footnotes of a book by one of the Holocaust "historians," Raul Hilberg
Adolf Hitler: The Power of the "BIG LIE"/Propaganda
"The God of the Jews" from, The Poisonous
Mushroom, Julius Streicher, Translated from the
Third Reich Original,
Der Giftpilz.
JFK & Adolf Hitler
Click pic for
Alice in Lampshade Land: Tales of the Holohoax