"You can't live if you don't have
Excerpted from, No One Here Gets Out Alive, J. Hopkins & D. Sugerman, 1980.
This episode was omitted from Oliver Stone's film, 'The Doors'.
The sequence of events that led to the Door's fall from grace began February 28,
1969, when The Living Theatre staged its revolutionary tour de force, 'Paradise Now.'

The play opened with 'The Rite of Guerrilla Theater.' The actors mingled with the
spectators speaking cathartic phrases:  "I am not allowed to travel without a passport /
I cannot travel freely, I cannot move about at will! / I am separated from my fellow man,
my boundaries are set arbitrarily by others! / The Gates of Paradise are closed to


In a  few minutes the actors were close to hysteria and Jim [Morrison] was on his feet
with many others, shouting slogans, bellowing for
Paradise Now.

The actors retired quietly, returned to the stage and paused for a moment: "I don't
know how to stop the wars! /
You can't live if you don't have money! / I'm not
allowed to smoke marijuana! / I'm not allowed to take my clothes off! / The body itself
of which we are made is taboo! / We are ashamed of what is most beautiful! / We may
not act naturally toward one another! / The culture represses love! / I am not allowed
to take my clothes off!"

The actors begin to strip and when the stripping reached the legal limit, the actors
shouted once more, "I'm not allowed to take my clothes off! I am outside the Gates of

The next day, Morrison was arrested during a Miami concert for allegedly stripping
beyond the legal limit.

(In Arizona, the "indecent exposure" statute [A.R.S. 13-1402] applies to a person
recklessly disregarding whether reasonable people would be offended or alarmed.)