Babylon is Falling
World & U.S. Population:
Something's Got to Give/Break
The World Population graph (below) is from Vice President Al Gore's book, Earth in Balance.
World and US Population Graph 1790-2100
America's uncontrolled
immigration -- or deliberate
negligence to enforce the
international boundary-line has
been likened to an invasion of
"barbarians" or slaves. Similar
to the causes of the fall of
Roman civilization.

The problems of population
combined with
declining oil
reserves could cause the world
to enter major depression,
starvation and chaos.

The highlighted Immigration
Graph (above) shows US
population projections with
ZERO immigrants.
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Two Child Family Fertility Population 2000-2100 Predictions
Family planning, the Two-Child Family with a Total Fertility Rate of 1.5 children and a limit of
200,000 immigrants per year would bring the United States' population to a
manageable 125 million in 2100.  Or Unmanageable 404 million 46.6% increase by 2050!

Because some women have no children, or one, a two-child maximum would mean a total
fertility rate of 1.5. More than 70 percent of (ALL) American women have two or less kids but
the other 30 percent (mostly,
Hispanics) have a fertility rate of 2.99, i.e., 3 kids, which with
illegal immigration (again, mostly Hispanic,
whose children automatically become citizens per
the U.S Constitution
) = sprawl, more pollution, garbage, lower wages, higher taxes, fewer jobs,
overcrowded schools, hospitals, prisons, highways!

The "Unplanned" growth rate conforms to the U.S. Census Bureau's middle projection, which
assumes a net migration of approximately 1,000,000 legal and illegal immigrants/year,
however, many say one-million illegal immigrants/year enter the US or overstay their visas.

The End of Fossil Fuels: Part 2. Twilight or Dawn? by Lindsey Grant, Negative
Population Growth (NPG), November 2004
Barbarians Inside the Gate
To the Editor, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Arizona  By Raquel Baranow  March 7, 2005 (Unpublished!!!)
In 50 years, Mexico's population is projected to
increase 52% to 139 Million in 2050 or seven times in
100 years
Mexican Population Projection 1950-2050
Mexican Polulation 1790-1990
World Population Growth Rates
Total births percentage demographic charistics by race and hispanic origin of mother
This chart shows who is to blame for the world's exploding population growth! Note most of the
countries where the shit is going to hit the fan worst and first are Moslem and African. (I may
have missed highlighting some Nations.)
U.S. Birth Rates by Race
This chart shows which race in the United States is popping out the most babies. Many babies
are born to illegal aliens. Anyone BORN in the U.S. automaticlly becomes a citizen -- it's in The
Survey of Voters, race, sex, age education, religion, income, sexual orientation
Idiot Voters in U$A (2006)
Plato considered Democracy as Mob Rule, being one level above tyranny
Olduvai Theory
Percent of males 18 to 39 in United States by Nativity, education, ethnicity
Children of Immigrants Commit More Crime
1-in-15 kids in U.S. has illegal immigrant parent, report says
racial and ethnic composition United States 1970-2050
Percent foreign born by region of birth 1960-2007