*        SLOTH: Thinking they get-over on the $ystem by not working. Bankers and bums drink, take drugs
or maintain grandiosity hallucinating peace of mind, killing the pain of life-living with trivia, music, art, $ports,
religion (opiates) rather than stimulants to extirpate The cause -- escaping the reality of eliminating money
believing money exempts them from actual, constructive, beneficial work .

  *        PRIDE: Feeling proud knowing how to succeed at the money-law-ego game. ("Gay Pride", a
misnomer is actually Gay Happiness.)

  *        ENVY: Imagining someone feels satisfied in this "noxious ordo seclorum" and no hope exists
because you not yet found any purpose or reason to live and the "perfect" person not yet found you.

  *        AVARICE/COVETOUSNESS: Capitalism teaches this with advertisements, the obsessed
worshipping of Money-Mammon, books (like the Koran/Bible), bocks of wood, etc.; house and bank becoming
your church and temple. Envy rich on TV, there's plenty of everything necessary for everyone; theft to gain
wherewithal for drugs, sex and video games.

  *        FEAR/ANGER/HATE/INDIFFERENCE: Result of no communication-cooperation and
misunderstanding. The frustrations and anxiety of a money economy look for an outlet in sex and violence . . .
taking it out on someone else. The heartless survive, life and the fittest await Babylon's fall.

  *        GREED: Growing, vigorous children naturally crave sweets (fat calories) and grow out of it when they
see the detrimental effects. Others live to eat because life is not worth living and to fill the emptiness of this
hollow egocentric world inside. Killing animals (what you eat you are -- pigs are vicious, lustful) rather than
eating seeds (bread) and fruit.

  *        LUST: A form and desire for love, like the other deadly sins, an immaturity. Everyone sells their body
in hollow egocentric economic contracts; you feel only lust-love for a whore until they trust and see The Way
to live-life. If you really loved then you make a baby but it is better to abort than for life to suffer ego games
by-for-because of money justified by law$. Give them a scarlet "A" and if you don't believe in abortion then
don't know them.