The Redington Road pavement, the original ROW, is 60-feet wide but the actual right-of-way is 150 feet.
Before the developers of the La Cebidilla Subdivision gave the County 83-feet for Redington Road, this lot was 3.86-acres.
2.97 AC 2345 N. El Camino Rinconado, Tucson AZ
Flood map but still plenty of room to build. Note wash running through culvert under El Camino Rinconado on th NE corner of this lot.
The County suggested that I ask them to abandon some of the designated "Scenic Route".
Scenic Route designation setbacks. Redington Road is an 80-foot "Collector" ROW
Applied for abandonment of right-of-way, was denied because neighbor "opposed" without giving a reason per
A.R.S. 28-6701(C)
The Pima County Board of Adjustment denied a zoning "variance". . . without giving a lawful reason.
(Lot without the abandonded right-of-way is 1.45-acres short of 3.3 acres for SR zoning)
Variance Appeal & ROW Abandonment Complaint * Answer & Response * Motion for Summary Judgment * Ruling
Board of Supervisors Letter #1 * Letter #2 * Letter #3 * Letter #4 * Letter #5 * Letter #6 * Quit Claim Deed w/Restrictions
Building Site Plans
1902 Plat Map showing location of my lot within Lot 1 of Section 4. Redington Road was engineered/ surveyed in 1929
E.R. Carrillo Ranch Map La Cebadella, yellow arrow added by me showing location of lot.
Deep Well Ranch House, National Register Of Historic Places (lot west of mine). Annie Graham Rockfellow, architect
More photos
The culvert, coincidently on the section line. Redington Road deviated from section line because of this wash.
Topo map, 1904 with red arrow showing approximate section corner. I'm skeptical of the roads being at the section corner because of
the wash there. This was before the establishment of
Redington Road (1929) and El Camino Rinconado (1930).
Philip Johnson, built  The Glass House and lived in it from 1949 until his death in 2005. Circular brick bathroom and fireplace. My glass
house built on this lot will have a second-floor observation room with a bed, chair and patio.
In 1973, Pima County took land from my lot for a 4-lane highway, they no longer need the excess ROW so I applied to get it back and for
a variance but was denied. After a two-year struggle, a
Judge granted the Variance (Zoning requires 3.3 acres) and I applied for 1.22
acres of the right of way (not adjacent to my neighbor, who objected),
and got it; so my lot is now 2.97 acres. See details below.
Map Drawn May 14, 1883 to show squatters on Fort Lowell Military Reservation. Very detailed history of this area by Saguaro National Park.
Riparian Habitat Disturbance of more than 1/3-AC (14520 sq ft): trimming trees does not apply (See Sections A.3 and C.2)