10-acre Lot 17,B $12,000 -- Lot 25B, $26,000
14200 W Magee, Avra Valley (Marana), Arizona
Electricity is at lot 25A and at the property with Cottonwoods (see Google map, below), which is 1320-feet away from 17B.
If you decide to buy I will finance through a title company @ 8% for 15 years.
Wells can be drilled by someone who lives nearby for $14k and you can share the well with six other people.
These lots are located in an AO2 & AO3 flood zone. I will guarantee that you can build on these lots but the foundation (Mobile
Home) has to be two feet off the ground, above the flood stage.
Top photo is Lot 17B (Click here for more info, maps, aerial photo). Click here for Lot 25B.
Bottom photo is SE corner of 25B (which I sold). Note rebar marking section corner.
OWC w/$2000 down.
Magee Road is kind of rough but as you can see, I brought my Honda (which I no longer own) with 12" wheels out there.
My dad took this pic, that's him in the other pic.
Lot 17B $12,000
Contact Raquel or 520-882-7769
Assessor's info and more for this lot 17B
Assessor's info and more for lot 25B
This person drills wells and lives nearby: Nelson Drilling, 14900 W Avra Valley Rd, Marana, AZ 85653, (520) 682-8592
Also call AZCA drilling 682-2556

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This is an old flood map, for latest map see below.
Latest flood map shows one-acre in AO2 zone, 9-acres in AO3
The center of this circle is the
Section Corner (SE corner of lot 25B)
This is the SE corner of lot 25B, the Section Corner is that hole in the bottom, right corner of this pic. Note the gully dug around this lot to keep cars
out. A really nice neighbor (the man with the Cottonwood Trees NE of here) with a backhoe dug it. To get to lot 17B walk north here until U see the
fence in the pic below.
This pic shows the SE corner of lot 17B, beyond the fence is City of Tucson land. The gully in the foreground is on lot 17B. The City owns the land
for water rights. If you walk the fence, north, you will come to a 1/4-section mark, that is the NE corner of 17B. The neighbor with the backhoe
offered to put a road.
This is the lot west of 25B, it is entirely in an AO3 flood zone. I met him the day I took these last three pictures and asked him if it was difficult to get
permission to build in AO3 flood zone. He said it was difficult and cost him $20k for engineering evaluation. I have been to flood-control before (this
guy said he saw me there) and calculated it was safe to build on lot 25B and others I sold nearby. Another person I spoke to in AO3 out there said
it was easy to get a permit to build.
Picture Update, October 1, 2013 & Driving Directions
(New pictures taken 1 Oct 2013)
90-degree panorama: Cement factory? at the corner of Avra Road (on the left, looking south) and Magee (on the right where my car is, looking west).
Magee is exactly one mile south of Emigh, head ONE MILE WEST on Magee.
Exactly one mile west on Magee you come to a little gully to the right of the section corner, which is also the SE corner of lot 25B.
Looking north you see a double-wide mobile home with tires on the roof, this is the way to get to lot 17B.
This corner is 14200 W Magee.
Closeup panorama of the mobile home looking north.
Note the first gully you have to cross (cuts between white corner post and the brown post on the left).
Mobile home, little gully, looking south.
(Looking north.)The brown pole on the far right is the SE corner of lot 17B. The other side of the fence is City of Tucson land -- note the "No
Trespassing" sign on the fence. Here's another gully but you can bypass this by going on lot 17B.
This is about the middle of lot 17B looking south, you can see the mobile home with the tires on the roof. The gully can serve as a moat.
90-degree panorama of the NE corner of lot 17B. Marker says 1/4 s25 | s30 (It's the quarter corner)
<----- Survey marker, NE corner of lot 17B
The house next to lot 25B (see same pic taken a year ago, above) . . . looks like a storm might have wrecked everything?

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Section corner used to be in this hole    --->