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Originally posted by DigitalDuality
Not to really get into this, but why don't people start disputing the facts of 666's claims [about Holohoax]. Go
after the details that support her arguements.. instead of labeling it a conspiracy theory and rolling your
eyes? Alot more would be served by that...


i warned her not to bring her stupid shit up anymore. now she's banned.

just so you know, we've been over it
ad infinitum already [not true*]. she is hinging her claims on authors that have
been thoroughly discredited
[not true*] -- discounting thousands of eyewitness testimonies and myriads of
confessions, not to mention every available fact
[not true*]. she has been warned to not drag every topic into the same
discussion and i'm sure i will now occupy a place of honor on her kook website about how i am censoring her right to
free speech. so be it.
* Bluelight has a good LSD forum ("Acid in America") but some of the moderators are ignorant
or naive bigots i.e., irrational and obstinate. Whenever I raised the issue of the Holohoax, the
thread was closed -- like the moderator's mind.

absurd "eyewitness" testimonies, tortured "confessors" and "facts" do NOT discredit the
forensic examinations of the alleged murder weapon: It is not practical or possible to
exterminate millions with louse disinfestant and diesel exhaust and cremate a corpse in 20
min with 3.5kg coke as alleged by the Holohoaxers.
Forensic evidence refutes the gas
chamber atrocity propaganda. The best website for more info on the Holohoax is:
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