Bruce A. Friedemann State Representative 2002 Campaign

(I changed my name to Raquel Baranow in 2003)
In another four way race Friedemann came in last.
The two winners were "respectable" generic candidates.
Friedemann spent about $4000 of his own money. His opponents spent four times that amount feeding from public campaign funds.
The brochure was sent to 26,000 people in the District who were most likely to vote (based on public records of their voting history).
BRADLEY, DAVID # votes: 5340 26.82% (Former head of Pima County Democratic party.)
DOWNING, TED   6929 34.81% (Classic Nutty, but naive Professor. His son ran for office and was convicted of misusing public campaign funds.)
FRIEDEMANN, BRUCE A.    1493 7.50%
PYRITZ, JOE    3025 15.20%
RAMIREZ, SAM    3084 15.49%