Diamond Bell Ranch (Click HERE for directions.)
One, two, three, five & ten acre lots for sale -- Prices here are negotiable!
More lots & land FSBO
Lot #1, corner of Guy & Stagecoach Road (see map, below).
This lot is $5,500, there are two other lots adjacent to this, buy all three for $12,000.
Lot #1, different view. These lots are zoned, SH, Suburban Homestead, which allows 2 mobile homes/lot as well as horses.
There are many square miles of State-owned land north of Guy Street and south of Chumblers.
I own lots 1, 6, 7, 11. Lot 68 is SOLD
I'm asking $5,500/lot and will carry the loan with $2000 down @ 8% = a monthly payment of $100.00.
Lot #68 $13,000 SOLD
^^^ My white minivan parked on
Alsip Street off Dundee Road.
I own a fenced, 5-acre lot, zoned GR about 300-feet east of my car. There's no electric out here. I'll sell this lot for $12,000
with $2000 down. Sierrita Mountain Road is about a half-mile east of here. It's a very-fast commute to downtown Tucson.

Click here for Google Map
or see map below. GR zoning allows you to split into 0.83-acre lots and allows mobile homes.
Somewhere out here I own a 5 & 10-acre lot. $10k & $20k each. These lots are way off the electric grid. SOLD both: $20K
Two, 2.5-acre, fenced lots over here, GR
zoned, see below
Lot # 122, I also own lot #123 (in pink, map below) which is partially fenced and has a septic tank. $8k.
More info on the 2.5 AC lots: Lot 24, Lot 25