One Acre on Gila River
Riverside, Arizona (2-Miles NW of Kearny)

View Kelvin / Riverside, Arizona in a larger map
Click the link, above, that says, "Kelvin/Riverside, Arizona," zoom in and place the person icon (near the zoom feature) on the street in front of my lot to view
this lot in "street view" -- you can see a shack on my lot. This lot is 523' x 85'. Electric at lot.
The shack (I'm 95%-certain) is on the lot. Picture taken from Deen Lane. The reason I'm not 100%-certain is the lots are narrow and I measured with a
100-foot tape in 2006.
Lot 3 is for sale. The State of Arizona owns Lots 2A, 7 & 9.
FEMA flood map shows that you might have a problem building there.
Pinal County GIS map showing parcel numbers. Use the house for reference. My lot is approximately 333-feet east of the house.