5AC Near Cienega National Conservation Area
Total Wreck Road

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Hilton Ranch Road (where the red "X" is) is 14.8-miles south of Interstate 10, off State Highway 83. You will need a good, high clearance vehicle to
reach this lot. Well is necessary, electric is going to be difficult too. I marked the only known access road. Note that the Pima County Depertment of
Transportation GIS map shows the property lines a little askew.
Looking west at lot. My guess of where the lot lines and road is, maybe higher but I know the lot is not at the top of the hill. You can see someone
bulldozed a road in many years ago. Looks like an easy slope to put septic and leach lines in. On the Google map below, I placed a blue pin where I
saw a survey marker.
View the map larger. Hover over and click the pins, icons and yellow and red roads in the map to learn more. (Yellow road is
900-feet to lot.)