Letters to the Editor
By, Bruce A. Friedemann
Peter Bronson, editorial page editor for the Tucson Citizen published nearly every
letter Bruce A. Friedemann sent. The letters he didn't publish saved Bruce from
embarassment. The letters "C" and "S" that follow the date of publication or
submission refer to the
Tucson Citizen and Arizona Daily Star. The headlines are the
Gold still talks the loudest

7/14/93 (C) Gold knows no borders. Ask the Vietnamese boat people, the White Russians of
the pre-revolutionary Soviet Union or the Jews who fled Nazi Germany. They bought their
way across international borders with gold.

Politicians, under the authority of the U.S. Constitution and the privately owned Federal
Reserve Bank, by delegation of Congress, can debauch the currency by running the printing
presses and deviously devaluing the dollar but they cannot debauch gold and remain in
power without an iron fist.

A $20 (1 ounce) gold coin in 1933, the year Hitler democratically assumed power, would buy
a first-class, tailor-made suit of clothes. In 1993, at almost $500/oz, the same gold coin will
buy a similar suit; whereas a paper $20 bill issued by President Roosevelt after he ordered
the confiscation of gold and made possession and exportation of gold illegal in 1933 has, 60
years later, lost about 92 percent of its purchasing power through debasement and inflation.

Which is the honest money: the gold coin, U.S. currency or no money at all backed by the
laws of karma?

Mexico knows

6/24/93 -- Our neighbors south of the international border know the U.S. corporations didn’t
desert the American workers because they like Mexico or Mexicans thus, the corporations
are cursed for desertion and exploitation. The economies of both nations will level ... U.S.
stole Mexican land.

No need for money

6/15/93 (C) -- This world is not fit for children to suffer. The only logical, humane, civilized,
godly solution is to abolish hollow ego-centric money – barter is unnecessary too, law (God
will enforce god’s unwritten karmic laws) and the state boundaries.

What about the rest of us?

5/13/93 (C) -- Regarding the recent editorial in support of an $850,000 wall to muffle traffic
noise in an affluent residential area along North Skyline Drive: If they get a wall, then why
don’t I get one along North Euclid between Broadway and Grant; or a curfew on cars; or
walls and a roof for the homeless; or how about a high-speed trolley down the noisy, busy
street where I live to Speedway and all the way east to the mountains, where I like to go
hiking on Sunday? Ill volunteer to help lay the track.

Check out Clinton’s intention

11/28/92 (C) -- Will President-elect Bill Clinton, contrary to his oath of office, cause America
to lose its sovereignty (to the United Nations) and Bill of Rights? Rhodes scholar Clinton
said at the Democratic Convention that he heard John Kennedy’s summons to citizenship
clarified by a professor he had at Georgetown University named Carrol Quigley.

Rhodes’ intention, mentioned in his first wills, was to form a secret society bent on the
preservation and expansion of the British Empire including ‘the ultimate recovery of the
United States of America.’

Quigley wrote in ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’ that he agrees with the Rhodes group’
s goals but not their methods of complete control and monopoly of the media, politics,
administration and the ‘writing and teaching [mythmaking] of the history of their own period.’
If Clinton’s intentions are the same as Quigley and Rhodes’s, then America will fast go to
hell, thus paving the way for a fascist like Perot or an authoritarian Libertarian.

Another use for CAP water

8/29/92 (C) -- Uh, oh. they’re back. Call out the Army to prevent anyone from going to Mount
Lemmon or Manning Camp. The monsoon rains caused the ‘deadly, poisonous’ Amanita
muscaria to pop up.

Actually, the Amanita is the sacred mushroom, god’s flesh. And whomever made up the story
that it is dangerous and poisonous must have wanted to harvest it all, or wants us to dull our
minds with beer instead. I prefer LSD.

Happy hiking. But don’t let the tyrannical thought police catch you. let’s decriminalize pot and
LSD and Psilocybin mexicana. The pot can be grown with CAP water instead of cotton or
other federally subsidized crops.

Fluoride doesn’t belong in water

6/15/92 (C) -- Adding fluoride to Tucson’s water won’t benefit children from low-income
families and will cause mottled, ugly teeth in children whose parents can’t afford to send
them to a dentist. Dentists will get rich from fluoride.

Graphs in the "Citizen’s Water Advisory Board" report which, without unanimous consent,
recommended adding "optimal levels" of fluoride to our dirty allotment of CAP water, show
that children going to school in low-income sections of Tucson are already receiving "optimal
levels" of fluoride from the aquifer, yet they have significantly more tooth decay than rich kids
ingesting much less fluoride.

Fluoride, a corrosive rodenticide, is more toxic than lithium, which is used to sedate maniacs
and, like arsenic and lead, doesn’t belong in our drinking water.

No reason for enthusiasm

4/7/92 (C) -- What do I get enthusiastic about? A messianic, charismatic, beautiful
person/couple telling the truth – slaying dragons. Hillary and Bill Clinton look pretty but spew
hot air. None of the current messiahs have a solution for all of the world’s social, economic,
spiritual, ecological ills. They are cynical dogs of human nature or lovers of power, prestige
and money. Therefore, they ignore, chastise or ridicule the visionaries who advocate
eliminating money, law and international boundary lines. (Carol Dearborn)

Lawmakers accessories in rip-off

2/27/92 (C) -- If you have a "motor vehicle liability policy" on more than one of the cars you
own, then your insurance company is probably ripping you off.

In 1985 the Arizona Supreme Court declared: "If you own more than one vehicle but only one
vehicle is named in the policy, then your other cars are also insured, or, if you have a liability
policy for a car, then your motorcycle is also insured even though it is not named in the
policy." (
Calvert vs. Farmers Ins. Co. of Arizona, 144 Ariz. 291, paraphrased.)

However, because of a few words, which became law this year, insurance companies won’t
issue you the necessary proof of motor vehicle insurance for all the vehicles you own,
unless you pay a premium for each of your other vehicles, and you can’t register your car
without showing the ‘proof’.

Only a pocketful of our state legislators knew what they were doing when these few words
were passed. Those who voted for it (it was unanimous) were ignorant of the significance or
were paid off by the insurance companies.

Critiquing "JFK" critique

1/30/92 -- After pooh-poohing Oliver stone’s brilliant docudrama "JFK," John Jennings
concludes his naive review with a plea for Stone to "get back to providing (the masses) with
interesting, well-acted and entertaining films." Beer, pretzels, football games and circuses.

Stone’s film is about a coup d’etat by the CIA, with the help of gangsters, anti-Castro
Cubans, the military and police, in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Where was George Bush that day and why, with no apparent background in intelligence,
was he appointed to direct the CIA in 1975? Coincidentally, President Nixon was in Dallas
on Nov. 21, "on a quick business trip." Nixon was Eisenhower’s vice president and lost the
1960 presidential race to Kennedy.

Sen. Edward Kennedy repeats the absurdity that he finds no reason to doubt the Warren
Commission Report. The Commission had future President Ford and former CIA director
Alan Dulles as members. John Kennedy fired Dulles and threatened to "splinter the CIA into
a thousand pieces. In 1975, future President Reagan served on Vice President Rockefeller’s
whitewash Commission into the illegal domestic affairs of the CIA including covering up the
truth about CIA involvement in the assassination of JFK.

Unless Kennedy rallies the people for a palace coup, there is nothing he can do to save this
nation. He has no solutions.

Hate crimes

5/9/91 (C) -- Arizona Sen. David Bartlett’s "Hate Crimes" Bill is dangerous because it uses
the vague terms "conduct," "threaten," and "intimidate."

Germany, France and Canada jailed people for the "hate crime" of telling the truth about the
Holocaust. David Irving, the British historian, wrote, "No one likes to be duped, still less
when lots of money is involved. West Germany paid more than $38 billion to Israel for
reparations mostly on account of the gas chambers myth."

Son’s interests

2/5/91 -- The bottom line of this war [in Kuwait] is money, profit for King George’s pals in the
oil and military industries. According to a Nov. 12 article in "The Nation," Bush’s son, George
Jr., is a director, large stockholder and consultant to a firm with exclusive oil drilling rights for
nearly all of Bahrain’s offshore oil and gas. Bahrain is a tiny island nation off the eastern
coast of Saudi Arabia.

According to the American Hydrogen Association, Arizona, using five percent of its land area,
the sun and water, could manufacture enough hydrogen fuel to supply the entire
transportation system of the U.S. We could build a solar-hydrogen electric generator for less
than the cost of an atomic reactor.

Limited freedom

1/23/90 (C) -- What good is democracy when we can’t vote away our slavery to bankers,
insurance companies and real estate prices? We’re harassed by taxes, police, lawyers and
corrupt judges. We’re free to go wherever we want, but no one wants us unless we bring
money. We’re free to speak, but if too many people listen, you end up killed or in jail on
trumped-up charges.

Jesus Christ showed us the way to truly live life. Human nature is basically good but
corrupted in an ungodly environment with the stumbling blocks of money, burdensome laws
and false doctrines.

Unfit representative

2/12/90 (C) -- Sen. Dennis DeConcini sincerely acts like he’s completely innocent. In a Dec.
9 article, DeConcini said this about a $48,000 campaign contribution he received from
Charles Keating: "Such a small amount isn’t going win or lose an election." One or two votes
won’t win or lose an election either, right?

DeConcini’s campaign manager and his chief fundraiser – both close friends of his –
received $50 million in unsecured loans from Keating. DeConcini claims this was just a
coincidence he didn’t know about. Sure, like DeConcini just happened to buy some desert
property near Marana smack dab in the middle of the proposed, and not yet publicly
disclosed, alignment for the Central Arizona Project canal, thus making a million dollars profit
at U.S. taxpayers’ expense.

DeConcini isn’t fit to represent the people of Arizona.

He should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail for delivering CAP water to us.
On March 23, 1990, DeConcini’s aide, Barry A. Dill wrote a letter calling me names and not
refuting the above charges. See my response to Dill, which the Citizen refused to publish,
elsewhere, herein.

Talmudic law

8/2/90 -- Why doesn’t our government follow the U.S. Constitution and trust "we the people,"
to determine what is equitable and to judge the law and facts?

The Seventh Amendment to the Constitution guarantees U.S. citizens a trial by jury under
the common law. The common law allows the jury to judge the facts and law. At common
law, if the jury decides the law is unjust or that one person isn’t being equitable to another,
the jury may acquit, absolve or decide in your favor.

Pima County courts operate under what I call Talmudic law. If you ever read any of the
voluminous, tedious Talmud, you’d understand why. We have courts that have statutory law
and equity jurisdictions, where case law, determined by Talmudic judges, disallows a jury to
try anything but the facts. The Talmudic law killed Jesus.

Case law is almost always ambiguous, burdensome and vague, which essentially leaves it
up to the judge to decide which cases to use to justify the verdict.

Supreme law

12/29/90 -- United Nations’ treaties aren’t the supreme law of the land (Article 6 of the
Constitution of the United States of America) unless "two-thirds of the Senators present
concur." (Art. 2, Sec. 2.)

Therefore, it’s frightening that William Buckley, in his column titled, "If the U.N. approves of
war, why bother to ask Congress?" infers that "U.N. procedures are the supreme law of the

The U.S. has no treaty to protect Kuwait and the Senate didn’t delegate its authority to the U.
N. by ratifying the U.N. Charter. If it did, then the delegate to the U.N. has the power to
declare war without the consent of Congress, contrary to the U.S. Constitution. (Art. 1, Sec.

Representing the rich

12/5/89 -- Sen. Dennis DeConcini did know then what he does know now: The federal
regulators knew that Keating’s savings & loan was operating unlawfully. DeConcini shouldn’t
have interfered with the regulator’s investigation – obstructing justice. DeConcini
[supposedly] represents the people, not just the people with money. And now the people
must pay billions of dollars for DeConcini’s interference. DeConcini betrayed the American

Kill insurance ‘tax’

11/19/89 (S) -- The solution to Arizona’s unworkable, unaffordable, mandatory motor vehicle
law (tax) is: Abolish it; wear seat belts; drive sturdy, easily repaired cars that don’t self
destruct in five-mile-per-hour accidents; require inflatable air bags in new cars sold in
Arizona; take away the licenses of reckless drivers; and the hospitals/physicians that treat
accident victims would be reimbursed from a fund derived from an excise tax on gasoline.

Did CIA kill JFK?

10/21/89 (C) -- The CIA killed President John F. Kennedy. That’s what Jim Garrison, the
former New Orleans Parish district attorney and current Louisiana State Appeals Court judge
wrote in his recently published book, On the Trail of the Assassins.

Attorney Mark Lane, who also wrote books on the assassination, was quoted in the Feb. 6,
1985 Miami Herald saying, "There’s no doubt in my mind that the CIA was involved (in
President Kennedy’s assassination)."

And comedian, devout Muslim and dietitian Dick Gregory pointed out the resemblance’s of
former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt and his Watergate buddy, Frank Sturgis, to two tramps in
a news photo, who were arrested as suspects in the assassination near the scene and time
of the crime.

If Hunt and Sturgis did kill JFK, then why doesn’t President George Bush, the former director
of the CIA, appear on TV and admit there was a coup d’etat on Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963?
Because President Johnson told Earl Warren, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,
"If after a through probe of the facts, some conclusion wasn’t reached as to who was
responsible for the assassination ... (there would be) social breakdown."

Revisionist views

11/19/89 (C) --  C. Donald Hatfield, editor and publisher of the Tucson Citizen, wrote in a
Sept. 2 column, "There are idiots out there who say (the extermination of some six million
Jews) never happened. The death camps ... never existed."

David Irving, the world-renowned World War II historian, recently confessed that he was
wrong about the extermination story and now accepts the revisionist position on the
Holocaust, which is: The Nazi concentration camps existed Ð the U.S. had them too for
American citizens of Japanese descent; many people in Nazi camps died of typhus and
malnutrition, especially in the final chaotic months before Germany surrendered and; millions
of people weren’t killed in gas chambers with hydrogen cyanide louse disinfectant or carbon
monoxide from a diesel engine, as alleged by the holohoaxers.

During the typhus epidemics at Auschwitz, up to 200 people died per day, hence the
crematoria and the reason why women had their heads shaved upon entering a camp.
There is no forensic evidence that six million Jews were killed. No autopsies or examination
of the alleged murder weapons was introduced as evidence in any of the military tribunals at
Nuremberg or elsewhere.

Gary E. Dungan, Tucson Director of the Humane Society, responded to my letter on 10/5/89
but didn’t produce any refutation only slander.

Useless pooches

8/5/89 (C) -- Unless you are blind or insecure, dogs are good for nothing. If you give your
love to a domesticated animal, then you divide your devotion between your spouse and
children. If you’re in love with a dog, then how can you truly love a person? If you weren’t
blind you could see that dogs don’t love you they only want you to love them.

Dogs bark, yap or whine, especially when you’re not home. They pollute your yard, public
streets and consume millions of tons of grain. They will forever manifest lust, greed, sloth,
anger and possessiveness. They are bad examples for children. Neutered dogs aren’t lustful
carousers and don’t play stupid macho-dog, fighting, posturing, sniffing, urinating games
when meeting another dog.

When I see someone loving their dog, I realize they don’t know any better. There’s no hope
for dogs.

On 8/31/89 eight (8) angry letters were published in response however; the editor omitted
the above-italicized sentences from my letter, which would have neutralized their wrath.
The classical Greek word for blindness derives from another meaning "pride, conceit."
These Greeks believed that pride, ignorance, covetousness and love caused "blindness." In
those days a "blind" person was someone who today wears glasses.

Modern feudalism

6/25/89 (C) -- If we have a right to abort fetuses, then we have a right to smoke pot, take
LSD or kill someone.

Karl Marx and Muammar Kaddafi wrote that with material abundance, there’s no need of
money and, laws and state boundaries will wither away. 98 percent of today’s world leaders
perpetuate feudalism through 30-year mortgages, insurance, landlords, wage slavery,
taxation, irrational mythological fears and false doctrines of human nature.

The biblical prophet Ezekiel called money a stumbling block and Isaiah prophesied of a
kingdom of godliness where people wouldn’t use money to buy food.

Legalize pot, LSD

4/19/89 (C) -- If marijuana and LSD were legal, the price would be almost nothing and poor
children in Mexico City wouldn’t have to sniff glue and harmful vapors to escape their
boredom or the hopelessness of their hell.

It’s also true that wherever it’s legal to possess pot and LSD, the novelty wears off,
diminishing demand. It’s often said we need more money to pay the police and jailers to stop
the drugs. The police and armed forces are dealing in drugs, big time.

Leary was in town the previous day.

Needless death

3/28/89 (C) -- Neil M. Thormodsgard, who recently was murdered in Tucson, was one of the
nicest guys I ever met. He would house the homeless and stray dogs in his "fortress" and
finally one of those he helped turned on him.

Neil used to work on grain ships in the Great Lakes but something happened and he was
misdiagnosed by psychiatrists who gave him electro-shock therapy.

Thus, he received more than $600 a month in Social Security disability but never had any
money because he fed numerous dogs and had high water bills from watering the bamboo
that surrounded his oasis that had no electricity.

I can’t blame the police, the psychiatrists or myself for Neil’s needless death. The moral of
the story is: Don’t take your frustrations and anxieties about money and life out on anything
but a piece of paper, or, if you can’t vote, write or speak, God hears your prayers.

Money system to blame

2/25/89 (C) -- Those people who call homeless people "bums" and want them to work at
bogus jobs for slave wages attack a symptom (homelessness), not the cause (the money

Why do houses cost so much? Because too many paper money pushers do not contribute
anything constructive or beneficial.

The homeless situation, like almost every other world or personal problem, is a symptom of
the evils of the money system If we eliminated money, laws and international boundaries,
then there would be more people working, not as hard, at necessary jobs.

Eliminate money

1/3/89 (C) -- Want less traffic, pollution and noise? Want better-made cars that don’t self-
destruct in 5-mph accidents? Then repeal, or don’t enforce, traffic and mandatory insurance
laws. Half of Tucson is made up of streets and places to park cars. Probably one sixth of our
economy is devoted to the automobile.

Legalize marijuana and murder for people over the age of 21 and pay for it with karma and
love. The frustrations and anxieties of a money economy cause some people to murder.

And eliminate money. Reasonable, loving people won’t use any medium of exchange. There
are plenty of corn and soybeans to feed everybody but, today, pigs, cows and dogs eat most
of it. If human nature is what the cynics and pessimists say it is, then there is no hope for the

Reasons for smoking pot

11/5/88 (C) -- Some reasons for smoking marijuana: There’s not much hope for the future.
(Apocalypse is on the horizon, can’t you see the signs of the times? The whole world –
except for New Zealand – is going to hell or already is hell.) It’s relaxing, like a good bottle of
wine. There are vintage crops and varieties of marijuana and you can lovingly watch it grow
in your backyard.

Studies have shown that smoking marijuana is healthier than drinking alcohol and, one or
two joints or pipes-full of pot per day is enough. Therapists have used marijuana to cure

There are also many economic and social reasons for legalizing or decriminalizing
marijuana: It is a felony to possess or smoke it in Arizona, which means that if convicted you
can’t vote or hold public office.

For most people, marijuana is a stimulant like caffeine or a nutmeg in your breakfast cereal,
and you can release energy and unusual thoughts. Ideally, we should not "have to" smoke
pot, go to church, take Valium or drink alcohol, but this is a bogus world and life and there’s
not much hope of a Messiah coming or of people becoming messiahs or Buddhas

Love is a heart-breaking, unnecessary, energy and time consuming endeavor or experience
unless you desire a companion (folie a duex), a mother/father figure (insecurity), children
(this world’s not fit for children to suffer), or someone to help around the house and pay the
bills or take out your frustrations and anxieties on.

Informed votes

11/24/88 (S) -- That Tom Beal, a fellow (but yellow) journalist and probable university
graduate, would call me "a major-league goofball" (Sept. 18) because of what he read or
looked at in my campaign brochure, frightens and sickens me.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the CIA/Mafia was involved in the assassination of
President Kennedy. Other heads of state in other countries were plotted against or killed by
the CIA or CIA-backed thugs. Cited in my brochure are four reputable books documenting
the CIA/Mafia or FBI involvement in the assassinations of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, his
brother Robert and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We’ve heard plenty about the alleged "6 million" Jewish victims of diesel exhaust and louse
disinfectant in alleged gas chambers at Hitler’s "death" camps. I don’t deny these camps
existed. I deny some of the poorly documented atrocities there. At the war crimes trials there
were no autopsies or forensic evidence of the allegedly gassed corpses or gas chambers
(the alleged murder weapon) introduced as evidence.

I like to imagine that I received as many votes as I did (in the primary election) because
intelligent/informed people at the university read the tracts and stories on the Holocaust and
coups d’etat I gave them, or heard me try to reason with the bigoted "holohoaxers" and
irrational "Christian" dogmatists on the University of Arizona mall. And I would have received
more votes if I did a mass mailing as the two male opponents of mine did.

Israel or heaven on Earth won’t be established with lies, tanks and battleships or confine
itself within barbed wire.

After this letter and election, the Star ignored nearly all of Friedemann's letters.

Mecham an inspiration

11/24/88 (C) -- Evan Mecham is an inspiration. He kept slugging away at the sum, filth,
bigots, devils, dogmatists and liars and, finally, after several unsuccessful tries, the decent,
honest and informed people of Arizona elected him to govern us.

I only wish he was for legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana (it is a felony to possess or use
it in Arizona, which means you lose your right to vote or hold a public office). I also wish he
had not offended some immature, naive and innocent people, that he had spoken up about
the CIA-Mafia assassinations of JFK, RFK and Dr. Martin Luther King, and that he had told
how the Trilateral Commission and Jewish political action committees influence foreign
policy. I wish he had exposed the lies about the Holocaust and other official lies the
government puts forth to protect the plutocracy.

Candidate responds

11/10/88 (C) -- Are all Holocaust survivors liars or just some of them? If you read Mary
Bustamante’s article in the Citizen, you would think I believe they all are liars.

My campaign brochure cites some obvious lies by some Holocaust survivors in the 9-1/2-
hour propaganda film "Shoah." For example, the alleged secret Reich letter quoted in the film
said an extermination van’s usual load was nine people per square yard. And a survivor said
he was ordered to cut naked women’s hair in a 12-by-12-foot gas chamber. Inside this tiny
chamber, the alleged witness said, there were 16 barbers, 60 to 70 naked women on
benches and some SS men.

Propaganda about soap and glue factories utilizing human corpses was circulated during
both world wars and has been proved false.

Many people did die in Hitler’s concentration camps of louse-born typhus and malnutrition,
especially near the end of the war; hence the crematoria for disposing of the dead. Those
ovens did not spew smoke or flames as alleged eyewitnesses’ claim.

The U.S. internment of Japanese-Americans during the same war was inhumane too.

This same day a letter was published by John R. Harris slandering me about the letter below.

Rewriting history

6/19/88 (C) -- Holocaust historians and dogmatists are admitting defeat, making concessions
and waking up. The New York Times recently reported that "Deborah Lipstadt, a scholar of
the Holocaust, ... worries that some revisionist notions (about the Holocaust) could enter into
mainstream history."

Which of the following revisionist "notions" will enter into mainstream history?

Hitler’s gas chambers never existed.

The genocide of the Jews never took place.

Or, the Holo-hoax, which is largely of Zionist origin, has made an enormous political and
financial fraud possible, whose principal beneficiary is the state of Israel.

Anna Mann responded to this letter with indignant slander 8/3/88.

Brainwashing possible

6/28/88 (C) -- "The Manchurian Candidate," a film the Citizen reviewed (May 31), is not as
much about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy as it is about the murder of his
brother Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

In a book published in 1978 by a reputable publishing company, two authors conclude, with
the backing of the former Los Angeles County Coroner, Dr. Thomas Noguchi, that there was
a second gunman involved in the Senator’s death.

The authors also quote a well known specialist in hypnosis and a former prison psychiatrist
of Sirhan Sirhan’s, the Senators alleged assassin, as confirming that Sirhan, like the
Manchurian Candidate, could have easily been hypnoprogrammed and brainwashed.

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, William Turner and John Christian, Random
House, 1978

Learning to get along

5/26/88 (C) -- What can you or your grandchildren hope to accomplish, invent or realistically
dream about? Becoming president? Discovering a new continent? Inventing something
universally useful, a new drug, a better mousetrap, a fad? Creating more music, art, religion
or another big, boring book?

The only really important thing left for us to do now is to learn how to live with each other, to
share and create for the benefit of all.

Time to pursue

3/31/88 (S) (C published 3/22/88 headlined "Work for the basics") Do we need all these
paper (money) pushing parasites who contribute nothing beneficial to society?

With modern methods we require only a few people to grow, harvest and process basic
foods. The same with clothing and shelter: Very few people are needed to manufacture
essentials. And if public transportation was better and not for the good of General Motors –
we wouldn’t need so many cars.

If a person devotes say, four years of his life to manufacturing, construction or agriculture,
he technically fulfilled his material obligations for a lifetime and he should be free to pursue
other things without being made to feel guilty in a capitalist/communist community for not
working at least 40 hours a week for 20 years of his life to pay off a 30-year mortgage.

Marijuana good for you

1/28/88 (C) --  Marijuana should be free. Marijuana is a miracle drug, a social sacrament.
Like spinach, it’s good for you. Marijuana improves your eyesight. It gives you peace. That’s
why all those Indian gurus and Buddha’s lived so long and died happy.

If marijuana was free and legal nobody would work for the filthy capitalists, money would be
used for rolling marijuana cigarettes and nobody would need to go hungry or sleep in the

Let’s start living by legalizing moderate marijuana possession.

Get rid of signals

12/31/87 (C) -- The city traffic engineer’s plan to remove 24 of the most disruptive and
unnecessary traffic lights in Tucson is a great idea.

It’s blasphemy to tell a traffic cop or city court judge, as I did, that a traffic light you went
through on a bicycle is unnecessary.

Even though Arizona law says traffic laws that apply to bicycles should be reasonably
enforced, I was fined $30 for riding through an unnecessary light at Fourth Avenue and Sixth
Street, after I had stopped and determined there was no cross traffic coming.

I’m currently appealing the judge’s rigid, unreasonable and uninformed decision.

I believe I "won" the appeal by default and some signals were removed.

Treaty just a beginning

12/18/87 (C) -- A few years ago at Geneva, Switzerland, President Regan proposed to
eliminate all nuclear weapons in 10 years and then deploy SDI, his "peace shield."

It takes only one nuclear bomb to ruin the Soviets’ day, and if the Soviets then retaliated, the
U.S. has SDI to make our day a good one – if we dislike the communists.

Let’s eliminate nuclear weapons, SDI, state boundaries, money and laws. Jesus, Karl Marx,
Buddha, Plato and others believed in eliminating money or foresaw a kingdom of godliness
that required no money or laws.

Insurance rip-off

10/16/87 (S) -- This mandatory insurance law is the biggest taxpayer rip-off since the Central
Arizona Project canal. Insurance is another form of taxation.

Even motorcycles are required to carry liability insurance in the same amount of coverage as
cars: How’s a motorcycle going to cause $10,000 worth of property damage? And suppose
the motorcycle does seriously injure a pedestrian, bicyclist or other vehicle driver – the
insurance doesn’t cover the motorcyclist’s passenger – the hospital bill would easily exceed
$15,000 liability coverage for bodily injury or death the state requires.

If someone wants to drive around in a luxurious car that self-destructs in a 5-mile-per-hour
accident, then let them get uninsured motor vehicle insurance. And the real solution to bodily
injury is national health insurance.

Anything’s possible

2/14/87 (S) -- Before you write one of your anti-Soviet editorials like the one that appeared
about this alleged Soviet disinformation (that the CIA caused AIDS), I suggest that you do a
lot more research and a little more thinking.

Are you forgetting the 1967 Senate Intelligence Committee report documenting the CIA’s
bacteriological, truth serum, LSD and hypnosis experiments on unwitting subway
passengers, Army soldiers and heroin addicts?

Without the wealthy ...

1/10/87 (C) -- Of all the industrialized nations, only America and South Africa don’t have
national health insurance, i.e., free medical care. America has apartheid too (some people
are more equal than others). If America had socialized medicine, the rich would have to line
up with the poor for the health care (and there wouldn’t be high prices for prescription drugs

Liddy’s squad

7/28/86 (S) (C, 7/22/86, under the headline "Don’t need Liddy’s goons") Buried deep in
the transcript of an April 16 afternoon conversation on tape by Richard Nixon in his
presidential office shortly after the Watergate burglars, including G. Gordon Liddy, were
captured, is Assistant Attorney General Henry Peterson telling the president: "Liddy’s a nut,
you see ... he’s a kind of a super patriot."

Your editorial didn’t go far enough warning how dangerous Liddy and his recently formed
vigilante-for-hire goon squad really is.

If the price is right, as Liddy says in his autobiography Will, (1980):

"(I) fail to see any distinction between killing an enemy soldier in time of declared war and
killing an enemy espionage agent in a Cold War, or even killing certain U.S. citizens."

Gays weren’t first

11/11/86 In an attempt to show the power of the "gay" community in the economy,
homosexuals have been marking their dollars with a rubber stamp that says "GAY $."

I have been marking "666" on my dollars to show that, as it says in the Bible, "no one buys or
sells without the money (Greek: Karagma) of the beast in mind or hand."

A few years ago in Tucson, the Secret Service arrested and jailed me and confiscated about
$300 of my marked money. I was charged with violating Title 18, Section 333 of the U.S.
Code: "Intentionally rendering U.S. currency unfit to re-issue."

The case was eventually dismissed and I unsuccessfully sued for the return of my legal
tender, contending that it wasn’t my intent to render the money unfit to re-issue, but to
spread the word, and that the money is indeed fit to re-issue.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to hear my appeal because I didn’t do some
minor technicality right and couldn’t afford the filing and transcript fees.

Unfit to reissue" is in the eye of the beholder/beast.

Eliminate root of all evil

12/7/85 (C) -- The best minds of every generation believed, more or less, in eliminating
money (Marx, Jesus, Buddha, Bertrand Russell, Thomas More, Francis of Assisi, Plato,
Tolstoy and others.)

Half the workers in America work at archaic, unnecessary jobs (bankers, bookkeepers,
accountants, insurance, real estate, cashiers, law enforcement, sales clerks) and
manufacturing unnecessary, unhealthy things (bombs, cigarettes, booze, business suits,
smut, luxuries).

We should negotiate with the Soviets to eliminate money, law and the state and establish a
worldwide technocracy.

William Long 12/14/85, David W. Schulze 12/21/85 and Robert Fisher 12/28/85 responded
without thinking.

A royal lesson

11/16/85 (S) (C 11/23/85) -- Why did the Prince and Princess of Wales come to America? To
show us how much fun nobility is (we should have some here, too); to inform us how to
behave (they never carry any money); because – as they claim – they wanted to view some
British art (which they could have seen in Britain); or to prove that Nancy and Ron aren’t the
only good actors with contagious, oblivious bliss?

Spy novels no fiction

11/12/85 (C) -- In Richard Condon’s best-selling novel, The Manchurian Candidate, which
later became a popular movie starring Frank Sinatra, the Soviets kidnap and brainwash an
American soldier in Korea.

Most spy novels have some basis in fact – William F. Buckley and E. Howard Hunt both
write spy fiction and served in the CIA. During the late ‘50s and ‘60s, the CIA experimented
extensively with hypnosis and truth serums.

Recently, a Soviet KGB agent claimed the kind of kidnapping and brainwashing in Condon’s
novel was done to him by Americans. The American government naturally denies it, offering
several less credible scenarios.

Morality of tobacco

4/22/84 (S) -- This is in regard to your May 6 editorial "A smoking question," which states
churches in the Bible Belt have been questioning the morality of growing tobacco and asking
the Christian farmers to find another crop.

In P. A. Sorokin’s
Social and Cultural Dynamics (1933), he quotes Charles E. Spener, an
American minister and educator, as saying, "The cultivation of tobacco brings money into the
country, and is thus useful not sinful." -- Carol Dearborn

Scoffed at Jesus and Mary

?? (C) -- W. P. Shofstall’s idea of the black South African majority not "voting with their feet"
(Letter, 24 June) is more fallacious than the ‘60s idea of "love it or leave it." If America’s
revolutionary founding fathers thought this way, they would be back in Europe, and America
would be colonies of England, France and Spain.

The last paragraph of Shofstall’s letter infers that Marxism is the opposite of freedom and
prosperity. True Marxists are as hard to find as true Christians, but they both believe in a
paradise where money and laws are unnecessary – where the spiritual being of humanity
will prosper and mature. This would be true freedom.

Cynics, money-lovers (we either love money or hate it) and those without faith (pessimists),
scoffed at and scorned the ideas of Marx and Jesus.

Tax tyranny

6/2/?? (C) -- The easiest way to see that Tucson’s property taxes are too high is to look at
Tucson’s schools. Property taxes fund the Tucson Unified School District and little else.
TUSD spends $4400 per student, so a classroom size of 23 would cost TUSD taxpayers
$101,200 for 175 days of classroom babysitting. The mean TUSD teacher’s salary for 175
days of work is $35,000. So who gets the rest of the $101,200 for teaching/brainwashing 23

The solution is to eliminate money, international boundary lines and laws or sign the
property tax limitation initiative and never surrender your AK-47 to the taxing, thieving

Looking in from the outside

?? (S) (C, under the headline "Compare Cuba and Puerto Rico" ) -- If Nicaragua
remains communist and the U.S.-Contra, mercenary, CIA-trained saboteurs stop wrecking
the Nicaraguan economy, then peasants from neighboring countries and U.S. college
students will visit Nicaragua, see the improvements and prosperity, and more dominoes
(military-industrial dictatorships) will fall.

This is why the United States tolerates Cuba (with 10 million people and about $4 billion to
$8 billion in aid from the Soviet Union and other countries), because it’s not easy for the
masses and U.S. college students to know what it’s really like there and compare it to Puerto
Rico (with 3.2 million people, lots of crime and $4.7 billion in U.S. aid), where more than half
the population received U.S. food stamps and live in slums.

Why Regan hates Khadafy

?? (C) -- Reagan hates Khadafy because Khadafy is a charismatic theistic communist who
believes in eliminating money (the majority of the world’s population, being poor, would also
consider this a good idea), and recently signed treaties of unity with Algeria and Morocco,
and established a military agreement with Sudan after a 1985 coup d’etat deposed Sudan’s
pro-USA dictator. These are the real reasons sanctimonious Regan crusades hate against

Khadafy may support terrorists, but Reagan is a bigger supporter or terrorism: Angola,
Nicaraguan Contras, Marcos’ Philippines, El Salvador, South Africa, Chile, Haiti, Indonesia,
Zaire, etc.

But the Messiahs Kingdom of God(liness) and True Israel/communism will not be
established with tanks, battleships and bloodshed, or have international boundaries, money,
laws ...