30,000 sq ft Lot, Mammoth, Arizona, $5k
This beautiful lot located in Mammoth, Arizona, 48 miles North East of Tucson is on the usually dry-in-the-summer, San Pedro River at 301 South Main
Street, just south of the post office. Zoning allows you to split this lot into four lots but it's only practical to put two mobile homes or a sight-built house
and guest house on this lot. Sewer is across the street. Electric and phone to lot. Owner will finance with $1000 down at eight percent for ten years.
While I was cutting bushes and Mesquite trees I saw Javelinas (native, wild pigs) and coyotes. Very quiet area. Only one neighbor who is never there
(abandoned building). Note the Northern portion of this lot is useless and will not be a part of this sale unless you want it for free (maybe the
County/City will buy it from you.
Note: 1" Rebar by building, located on far left of map is "Witness
Corner" ("WC"), located by abandoned building.
Lot area is actually much larger, see map below.

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X marks the spot where the lot is. Zone "x" allows U to build.